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By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 18, 2012   |   Episode 107 (Show Archive)  


Cyril Reads Metal Gear
After a three year break, Cyril Reads Worlds of Power is back for another season! Now that we've tackled ninjas, bionic men and masters of blasting, it's time to look at the ageless story of man vs. machine. In this case, it's a Solid Snake versus a Metal Gear.

That's right; it's time for Cyril Reads Metal Gear! Over the next three months we will be following Solid Snake as he attempts to infiltrate Outer Heaven, rescue kidnapped buddies and take down the Metal Gear. Is this young soldier up for the task? Of course not, but that's not going to stop him from trying to save the day in this eagerly anticipated podcast.

Starting today, you can expect a brand new episode of Cyril Reads Metal Gear every Wednesday. You can also subscribe to our podcast RSS to stay completely up to date. Will Solid Snake be up for the fight? What is the Commander's secret plan? And why who is going to be the first person to sprinkle salt on their pizza? These questions and more will be answered when you listen to all 13 episodes of Cyril Reads Metal Gear!

NOTE: What you are about to listen to is Cyril Lachel actually reading the real book, Metal Gear. Released in 1990 by Scholastic Publishing, Metal Gear is a lighthearted (and generally non-violent) action story that is all of 122 pages long. We have not altered Alexander Frost's original book in any way, this really is what they released for $2.95 twenty years ago!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapters 1 - 2)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 25:59 | Link: Episode 1 ]
After a three year hiatus, Cyril Reads Worlds of Power is back with a vengeance! Sick of ninjas, bionic men and masters of blasting? Then it's time to sneak into Cyril Reads Metal Gear. Join Solid Snake as he takes down large metal robots and the men who want to control the world with them. This episode looks at chapters 1 and 2 out of 18! Highlights include several stimulating minutes of manly talking, planning and scheming. Also, lies and deceit! This first episode may be short on action, but it's big on intrigue!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapters 3 - 4)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 21:32 | Link: Episode 2 ]
Solid Snake is back for another episode of Cyril Reads Metal Gear! In this episode Justin Halley fights off a pack of wild dogs, annoys a family of monkeys and gets inspired by his inner-cat. It's an episode you won't want to miss, if only for the silliness. So grab a cold beverage and get ready for Cyril Reads Metal Gear chapters 3 and 4! Highlights include snake pissing off a bunch of monkeys and battling some dogs. Also, our hero makes a troubling discovery in an abandoned truck!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapters 5 - 6)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 20:13 | Link: Episode 3 ]
Solid Snake is back for another episode of Cyril Reads Metal Gear! This week Solid Snake has finally made it inside Outer Heaven. Is it time to shoot the place up? No, not exactly, but a lot of exciting things happen in the next twenty minutes. For one thing, we find out that Justin isn't the only Snake Man alive. But for how long? Find out when you listen to Cyril Reads Metal Gear chapters 5 and 6! Highlights include Finding the prisoners and coming to grips with Outer Heaven's key card system. Also, Solid Snake may have a lead on Metal Gear!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapter 7)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 11:38 | Link: Episode 4 ]
Solid Snake is back for another episode of Cyril Reads Metal Gear! This week Solid Snake does battle with a large spiked death trap and computer puzzle. How will he avoid getting squashed? Will this be the episode where he fulfills his mission to die? Find out now when we dig into chapter 7 on Cyril Reads Metal Gear! Highlights include the ability to listen to this entire episode in under 12 minutes. It's short. But even though there's only one chapter, I assure you that it's a doozy!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapters 8 - 9)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 22:08 | Link: Episode 5 ]
After spending seven chapters collecting guns, missile launchers, grenades, mines and ammo, Solid Snake is about to go all First Blood on these terrorists. Or is he? It turns out that the author has a different story to tell. What will happen when Justin Halley has an emotional reunion with one of the top Snake Men? Find out now when you listen to this super-sized episode of Cyril Reads Metal Gear! Hightlights include Solid Snake getting captured. But don't worry gang, he has a plan up his sleeves. Also, Halley finds somebody he's been searching for!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapters 10 - 11)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 20:13 | Link: Episode 6 ]
Solid Snake has been captured! Thankfully he's found a way out of jail, but he's on a mission to collect his gear, find the doctor and defeat Metal Gear. This week he goes head-to-head against two baddies, The Shotgunner and a set of heat panels. Will Solid Snake survive long enough to save the day? Find out now when you listen to chapters 10 and 11 of Cyril Reads Metal Gear! Highlights include Solid Snake coming face to face with The Shotgunner! Halley is going to need a lot of rations for what he's about to do!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapter 12)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 11:23 | Link: Episode 7 ]
Snake is more than half way through his mission. So far he's battled a pack of wild dogs, survived a spiked death room, rescued the survivors and located the head of the kidnapped Snake Men. Not bad for a one-man suicide mission! But now it's his toughest battle yet, a moving bridge. Find out why this poses such a threat when you listen to another exciting chapter of Cyril Reads Metal Gear! Highlights include Snake fighting a moving bridge and parachuting ... without a parachute! Get ready for the ride of your life when we dig into chapter 12!

Cyril Reads Metal Gear (Chapter 13)
[ Download: MP3/ZIP | Length: 12:26 | Link: Episode 8 ]
After outsmarting wild dogs, infiltrating Outer Heaven, saving the captured Snake Men, battling the Shotgunner, escaping incarceration and surviving the moving bridge, Solid Snake has finally discovered the truth. He's been set-up by his Commander, lied to about the nature of his mission. He wasn't supposed to have this kind of success; Justin Halley was nothing more than the diversion. Will this sudden revelation change our hero's resolve to find and destroy the Metal Gear? Find out now as we dig into another exciting chapter of Cyril Reads Metal Gear!



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