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Cover Critic Archive
The Cover Critic (Archive)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on January 01, 2014   |   Episode 1 (Show Archive)  

The Cover Critic is back and doing his best to stay sane while reviewing some of the worst covers of all time. Take a look back at the critic's reviews for games from around the world in this brand new archive for The Cover Critic. And be prepared for new episodes coming soon. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and recommend covers you would like to see reviewed.

Most Recent Cover Reviews ------

Brides of Dracula by Gonzo Games (Agima)s

Catch'em by Prestige (Amiga)

Road Raider by Mindscape (Amiga)

Previous Cover Reviews ------

Brat by Imageworks (Amiga)

Table Tennis Simulation by Starbyte (Amiga)

Shadow Dancer by U.S. Gold (C64)

Body Blows Galactic by Team 17 (Amiga)

Bill's Tomato Game by Psygnosis (Amiga)

Volleyball Simulator by Time Warp (Amiga)

Frog Master by Commodore (C64)

Chegger's Party Quiz by Oxygen (Wii)

Top Banana by Hex (Amiga)

King of Clubs by Oxygen (PS2)

Steg the Slug by Code Masters (Amiga)

Tower of Babel by Rainbird (Amiga)

Dynamite Dux by Activision (Amiga)

Lure of the Temptress by Virgin (Amiga)

Chuckie Egg II by Pick & Choose (Amiga)

Mutation Nation by SNK (Neo Geo CD)

Crack Down by U.S. Gold (Amiga)

Kong by Anirog (C64)

The Adventures of Bayou Billy by Konami (NES)

Yo Bro by NEC (TG16)

Mega Man by Capcom (NES)

Karrnaaj Rally by Jaleco (GBA)

Final Zone II by NEC (TG16)

Cowboy Kid by Romstar (NES)

Krazy Kreatures by American Video (NES)

Fortified Zone by Jaleco (Game Boy)

Wonder Boy in Monster World by Sega (Genesis)

Kids on Site by Digital Pictures (Sega CD)

Burning Fight by SNK (Neo Geo)

Night Stalker by Mattel (Intellivision)

3-D World Runner by Acclaim (NES)

Frog Bog by Mattel (Intellivision)

Ultraman by Bandai (Pippin)

Links: The Challenge of Golf by Virgin (Sega CD)

Sunday Funday: The Ride by Wisdom Tree (NES)

The Great Giana Sisters by Time Warp (C64)

Bible Buffet by Color Dream (NES)

Quartet by Sega (Master)

Pocket Tennis: Pocket Sports Series by SNK (NGPC)

Great Golf by Sega (Master)

Fun 'N' Games by Tradewest (Genesis)

Green Beret by Konami (MSX)

Arena by Sega (Game Gear)

Ghost Hunters by Code Masters (Amstrad)

Queens of Queens by NEC (Arena)

Frantic by Anma's (MSX)

Pac-Man by Atari (Atari 800)

Bomberman by NEC (TG16)

Bump 'n' Jump by Vic Tokai (NES)

Shooting Range by Bandai (NES)

Solomon's Key by Tecmo (NES)

Kid Kool by Vic Tokai (NES)


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