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Time's Rejected Person of the Year
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on December 19, 2006   |   Episode 41 (Show Archive)  

This week Time magazine shocked the world by award "You" the person of the year. That's right; YOU are the Person of the Year, the man or woman that made the biggest impact this year. Critics contend that there are some people out there that didn't do as much to make a difference in the world, those people shouldn't be considered on the same level of a George W. Bush, Nancy Pelosi, or Kevin Federline. So who is the "you" Time magazine is talking about? Who is this faceless character?

Time magazine had two ways they could go with this. They chose to give their readers (and everybody around

The cover they chose is sure to start plenty of bar fights!
them) a big pat on the back and say that everybody is the Person of the Year. But there's a more narcissistic way they could have gone with. You? Nah, this year it was all about Me! And not just me, but actual little Mii characters. That's right, the Mii population is the Person of the Year, and even though it's controversial I feel that they should still be given their dues.

While everybody is hyperventilating over the newest Legend of Zelda game, the real winners this holiday season are the Mii characters everybody creates in their free time. Long after you've raced your last Excite Truck race or caught your last fish in Zelda, you will still be

It's hard to believe that it was Mad Magazine that was forward thinking enough to name Pac Man the Man of the Year! Proof that Mad Magazine doesn't cop out at the last minute!
creating Mii characters based on people you know and celebrities you wish you knew. These Mii characters have secretly become the runaway hit of the year; entire communities are being built around getting the most out of each Mii.

But there's another reason that these Mii characters should be singled out, and that's because they are one of the few "games" that won't be on any top ten lists. You might see Zelda, Rayman and Monkey Ball, but I can guarantee that you won't see any Mii's on those lists. And that's the real tragedy, the most exciting feature

This wouldn't be the first time Time magazine featured a video game related cover!
of the Nintendo Wii will go unnoticed ... just like the people the Time magazine article talks about.

What isn't being talked about is how this is really just a huge cop out for Time. Instead of choosing somebody who really made a difference they just sidestepped the issue by saying that everybody could be the Person of the Year. It's almost as if the editors of Time magazine were tired of the long hours and just wanted to get back to their comfortable homes. They all go together and instead of having a heated five hour debate about the important people of the year they opted to just say "everybody" wins and go have some drinks.

But I don't mind being named the person of the year, and neither does my little Mii version of myself. We don't care what the outside world says; we're just happy playing baseball and bowling against Osama bin Laden and Ali G. In the world of the Mii you can be whoever you want, and that's why Mii is the Person of the Year ... or, at least they would have been if Time magazine had any balls!


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