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Interview Reenactment
Sen. Joe Lieberman: Ban Violent Video Games (w/ ShintaiReviews)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on September 24, 2014   |   Episode 6 (Show Archive)  

Welcome to Interview Reenactment Theater, where we recreate some of the greatest video game interviews of all time. Today's episode reenacts Next Generation magazine's 1995 interview with Senator Joe Lieberman, who was on a crusade to curb violent video games like Mortal Kombat, Night Trap and Lethal Enforcers. Can Next Generation talk some sense into Al Gore's former running mate? Find out in this exciting episode of Interview Reenactment Theater.

CAST: Cyril Lachel as Next Generation, Daniel Santos as Joe Lieberman.

I don't think I'm breaking news when I say that politicians are quick to pounce on any hot-button topic just for personal gain. For Senator Joe Lieberman, the cause was keeping our kids safe from violent video games. After seeing the popularity of Mortal Kombat and Lethal Enforcers, the Connecticut lawmaker led the charge on the games industry. The whole thing resulted in a number of frustrating hearings on Capitol Hill and turned Night Trap into a cult classic.

After several failed bids at the white house, Senator Lieberman was tapped as Al Gore's running mate in the 2000 presidential election. Joe tried his luck once again in 2004, but lost the nomination to fellow senator John Kerry. He ultimately left the senate in 2013, serving 24 years in Washington D.C.

Like many political issues, this cause came and went for Joe Lieberman. He largely gave up his campaign in the late 1990s, giving way to a more serious senator who seemed to have his hands full with presidential aspirations and trying to convince a country to go into two different wars. This interview catches the lawmaker at the peak of his rage, long before he threw in the towel and accepted that violent video games are here to stay.

SPECIAL THANKS: We would like to thank Next Generation magazine for not only running this interview, but also asking challenging questions. This episode would not have been possible without the editors at Next Generation, as well as Senator Joe Lieberman. I would also like to thank Daniel Santos for taking on the role of Senator Joe Lieberman. Don't forget to check out his commentary on the Shintai Reviews YouTube channel, and don't forget to listen to my "full" interview from a few months ago.

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