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The Godfather: Mob Wars Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . If the PSP is the only system you own that will play The Godfather, then might I suggest you go and pick up The Godfather trilogy on DVD instead? Rating: 40%
The Godfather: Mob Wars
The Godfather: Mob Wars The Godfather: Mob Wars The Godfather: Mob Wars The Godfather: Mob Wars
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When I first reviewed The Godfather earlier this year I concluded that it was a surprisingly solid action game with a great story and atmosphere. Here we are six months later and a brand new version of EA's crime drama has been released on the Sony PSP, unfortunately it's nowhere near as good as its console counterparts. In fact, I would go as far as to say that The Godfather: Mob Wars is a downright disappointment, and the PSP is not the system you should be playing this game on.

While it's true that The Godfather: Mob Wars is essentially the same game that was on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox earlier this year, it is riddled with one problem after another. It has horrible control, shallow missions and all of the driving missions completely removed. The story and atmosphere remain intact, but the presentation is not enough to keep you interested in this shoddy port.

On the consoles The Godfather was a Grand Theft Auto clone that did a great job following the movie. This PSP port manages to follow the movie, but for some odd reason Electronic Arts has decided to excise all of the driving in the game. There is not one point in this portable version of the game where you will control a car or explore the world around you. By getting rid of this element you end up having to play disjointed missions that never come off feeling whole. Considering how vehicle-heavy the console versions were, it's downright perplexing to see them left out.

While it may sound trivial, the driving portions of the game actually made up quite a bit of the action. It wasn't just about exploring New York City; it also gave you the feeling like you were part of the action, especially when the police were hot on your tail. In this PSP version you get to watch a lengthy cinema scene, play a short on-foot mission, and then watch another long cinema scene. Each mission starts with you being dropped off mere steps away from your target, which means that you will never have to run too far in order to complain an assignment.

The cinemas look fantastic and tell an interesting story, but they are much too long when compared to the short amount of game play. Some of the cinemas can go on for a good five minutes, which would be okay if the on-foot missions weren't so short. There are more than a few missions that only have two or three minutes of actual game play, which is then followed by yet another long cinema. To make matters worse, you can't skip the cinema even if you wanted to. And don't even get me started on the load times, which feel as long as the cinemas at times.

Thankfully the story is still intact. Instead of playing as one of the movie's central characters, you have a chance to experience life as a brand new player that does not appear in any of the films. In the console versions of the game you were allowed to create your own character, but for whatever reason EA has decided to delete that option from this portable version. You start out as nothing more than a grunt, the type of character everybody bosses around; but soon enough you'll be climbing your way up the ladder to eventually become the Don of New York City.

Despite the appearance of this new character, The Godfather: The Game manages to stay surprisingly close to the source material. Your character finds himself with a front row seat for just about every key moment in Francis Ford Coppola's epic. In most cases you'll be the one actually performing the tasks that lead to everything from the famous horse head scene to all of the death sequences that gave the movie its edge. Although EA did take a few liberties, if you're one of the many fans of the movie chances are you'll have a great time living this interactive version.

The action in The Godfather was extremely repetitious with you doing the same kind of mission multiple times. The console version got away with this because it spread out the monotonous foot missions with a lot of driving missions. Unfortunately that is not the case with this PSP version of the game; you will be playing one boring on-foot mission after another, all of which adds up to a whole lot of boring game play.

What makes this game especially heinous is that nearly all of the action in The Godfather: Mob Wars is broken beyond repair. To start with the camera is atrocious, never quite giving you the angle you want. You can look around by holding one of the shoulder buttons, but don't expect to change the camera when you really need to (like when you're running). This is hardly the first PSP game to have this problem with the camera, but for some odd reason it just feels worse in this game.
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