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Eets Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Eets is exactly the type of game I wish the major video game companies would work on. It features a simple concept that is both fun and addictive, plus offers a large community creating new puzzles for you to solve as I write this. Give Eets a chance, you won't be sorry you did! Rating: 85%
Eets Eets Eets Eets
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At this year's Penny Arcade Expo there was one game that stood above the rest of the crowd. No, it wasn't Neverwinter Nights 2, Castle Crashers or Guitar Hero II. Instead it was an adorable little puzzler for the PC called Eets. With its simple game play, cute cast of characters and tricky puzzles, Eets proved to be the stand out of the show. Now that the show's lights have dimmed and all of the booths have been packed away, Eets still stands tall as one of the freshest puzzle games I've played in years.

Eets plays like a strange cross between Lemmings and The Incredible Machine. Eets stars a little alien-like character with large eyes that is looking to collect as many puzzle pieces as he possibly can. Much like Lemmings, players do not directly connect this character; instead you put items in his path that he will eat for varied results. If you put the items in the right spot the little Eets character will be able to collect his puzzle piece and move on to the next level. If you don't get it right, then expect to try the whole level all over again.

The items you have control over are a variety of different marshmallows, animals, light bulbs, clouds and whatnot. In each level you are given a few different items that you are to place on the board, these items appear on a conveyer belt and can only be placed before Eets begins his journey. Once you have placed the items where you want them you push the "play" button and watch to see if you put everything where it belongs. While there are a lot of different items, most of the time you will be laying down emotional marshmallows that change Eets demeanor when eaten. For example, you can give Eets a scared marshmallow that will make Eets tiptoe around the stage; there are also angry marshmallows that make Eets a little more aggressive and one that is happy, which leads to Eets jumping short distances. Learning the effects of these edible items is the key to beating each of the puzzles.

The game is about more than just eating marshmallows, though. You will also run across items like the floating whale that will suck your little character up and shoot him high into the air, an angry sow that shoots out powerful exploding super pigs from his rear and a gravity flipping alien bud. There are also marshmallows that will explode if they come into contact with anything. In all there are more than 25 different items you have to place in order to help your little Eets character find his way to the puzzle piece. Once you've managed this feat you are whisked away to the next level.

The game is broken up into seven different sections, each with their own set of crazy levels. You won't need to beat all of the levels in order to move on to the next batch of puzzles, but you may want to if you're going to get good enough to actually tackle some of the higher levels. With each new world (denoted in this game by a large puzzle piece) you will be introduced to new items and unique challenges. This manages to keep the game fresh and makes you feel like you are constantly doing new things. The first few levels are extremely easy, only making you deal with the emotional marshmallows, but as you progress through the game you will be introduced to dark levels, the power of clouds with guns and even exploding mine carts. By the time you've gone through the one hundred plus puzzles you will feel like you've really experienced something, even though you have the same goal in every level, you never feel like you're doing the same thing over and over.
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