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Game Boy: In the Palm of Your Hand ... 2
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on July 28, 2008   |   Episode 2 (Show Archive)  


Sure the artwork is nice, but it fails because the original Game Boy wasn't color!
It's easy to understand a Super Mario Bros. comic book. And The Legend of Zelda even makes sense as a comic book. But what about the Game Boy? It seems bizarre, but back in 1990 Valiant Publishing was commissioned to release a serious of Game Boy comic books. Unfortunately it only lasted four issues before it was cancelled, but that was just enough time to become an instant classic. Not because it's good, but rather because of its controversial themes and crazy use of black & white video games.

Over the next two months Defunct Games is showing you the Game Boy comic the way you've never seen it before. We're going to rip out all of the original dialog and then turn this innocent take into one of the most searing political polemics you will see all year. It has a little something for everybody, no matter if you're a fan of Shigeru Miyamoto, Nancy Pelosi or Michael Savage. What we have for you is a seriously twisted take on this terrible comic strip, all with crazy characters and an ending you'll be talking about for months. This is Comic Book Mods and we're about to make your head explode. Get ready for Game Boy: In the Palm of Your Hand ... Part 2!

Game Boy Comic Book About These Six Pages: After being introduced to our main characters, all hell breaks loose ... literally. Unbeknownst to him, Rocco has accidentally allowed a swarm of liberal video game characters into his world. In this episode we watch a couple of teenagers attempt to do something about the chaos that has been set forth in the mall. But is there anybody that can do something about these gigantic bugs and explosions? Find out the answers to this question when you download the full PDF document (above). If downloading a 3 MB file is too much for you, then I suggest you check out all six pages linked individually.

Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book

NOTE: While the artwork may be real, Valiant Publishing had nothing to do with the political messages found in these pictures. The views found in this comic book do not reflect Defunct Games, Valiant Publishing, or Nintendo. Instead the views are those of Mario, Tatanga, the teenagers, that creepy old dude, and whoever the Princess is in Super Mario Land. I hope that clears everything up.



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