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Ninja Gaiden: The Mini Series (Trailer #1)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on November 05, 2012   |   Episode 25 (Show Archive)  

After months of behind-the-scenes work, I'm proud to introduce an exciting new feature that will debut in 2013. This is Ninja Gaiden: The Mini Series, an episodic video series that will retell the story of Ryu Hayabusa as he battles the evils of The Jaquio. Here you will find the first official trailer, which clocks in at just under two minutes. Give that a click and meet me below where I'll answer all of the burning questions about Ninja Gaiden: The Mini Series!

Ninja Gaiden (NES)
What Is Ninja Gaiden? Originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, Ninja Gaiden quickly became one of Tecmo's biggest critical and commercial hits. Not only was it an exciting side-scrolling action game, but Ninja Gaiden raised the bar for storytelling on Nintendo's 8-bit console. The cinemas weaved an emotional story about fathers, sons, magical idols and a dark creature dead-set on destroying the world. It was epic ... or, at least, as epic as an NES game can be.

Ninja Gaiden's success would launch two sequels (The Dark Sword of Chaos and The Ancient Ship of Doom) and a Game Boy spin off (Ninja Gaiden Shadow). Years later, Tecmo decided to revive the franchise with a brand new set of 3D games. Ryu Hayabusa can also be seen in the Dead or Alive series of fighters.

Ninja Gaiden: The Mini Series? Ninja Gaiden: The Mini Series is a multi-part internet-based video series that will chronicle Ryu's exciting journey. Each episode will run four or five minutes long and reveal a new wrinkle in the ever-twisting Ninja Gaiden adventure.

Not a spoiler ... or is it?
We do this by editing footage from the original trilogy. Ninja Gaiden: The Mini Series will use elements from all three 8-bit games, as well as new animation created specifically for the movie. You can also expect to see a new script, which finally adds some much-needed clarity to this convoluted franchise. As it turns out, Ryu doesn't have much time left to defeat The Jaquio. Join him as he fights is way in this exciting new video series from Defunct Games!

But Why? Despite all the praise Ninja Gaiden gets for its storytelling, it isn't without some glaring problems. It's painfully obvious that Tecmo never intended

Don't worry, our movie will feature the 8-bit cinemas you know and love!
this to be a trilogy. As a result we're left with jarring character introductions, story inconsistencies and no foreshadowing. Taken as a whole, Ninja Gaiden's narrative is a complete mess.

Defunct Games intends to fix Ninja Gaiden!

By tweaking the story, we will take you on an adventure that will honor the spirit of Ninja Gaiden. This is still Ryu's journey and we are keeping every character from the games. Expect a more developed narrative full of exciting twists and shocking surprises. We have given every character their own unique motivation and mysteries will slowly unravel over the course of the season. We plan on keeping what works and fixing what doesn't, creating an experience unlike anything you've seen before.

When Can You See It? Ninja Gaiden: The Mini Series will debut in 2013. Make sure and keep checking this website and follow us on Twitter for the latest information. Expect to see episodes rolling out weekly, all available on Defunct Games and YouTube for free. Until then, I suggest you scroll back to the top of this page and watch the Ninja Gaiden trailer again. Who knows what kind of tricky spoilers we hid there.


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