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Penny Arcade Expo in 15 Minutes
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on September 06, 2006   |   Episode 2 (Show Archive)  

Ten days ago the Defunct Games staff piled into a brand new car and drove down to beautiful Bellevue, Washington. It was there that the Penny Arcade Expo was being held and we knew it was vitally important to capture as much video as we possibly could. After compiling the footage and editing it down we have come up with this 22 minute long video we are calling PAX in 15 Minutes. See all of the sights and sounds of the PAX exhibition hall, go inside the crazy world of the Omegathon III, meet the Marshomech from Eets, watch Garrett try to win it all in the Guitar Hero tournament and watch as the Defunct Games staff gets trapped in the world's smallest dungeon. If you wanted to attend PAX but just couldn't make it then this is the video for you! Join us as we bring you the best, the worst and the strangest moments of the Penny Arcade Expo in glorious color!

Defunct Games would like to thank all of the people that took part in the making of this short film, if it weren't for the a few key people this video would never have been created. I would like to thank the people at Klei Games, the makers of the PC puzzler Eets. We wanted to get more footage of the Marshomech but could only scrape up a few minutes worth. Their website is full of information about how the suit was created over a couple of weekends by people who really don't know anything about costume design (they are game designers, after all). I would also like to thank Technomancer Press for allowing us to shoot video of the World's Smallest Dungeon. We didn't talk much about them in this video, but I think their segment speaks for itself. It's also worth bringing up UbiSoft simply because we failed to mention them in the video (even though there are a number of shots of their booth). I would also like to take this time to mention Brooktown High: Senior Year, the one PSP game they displayed that I forgot to talk about (or show in the video). Here's to the Propellerheads who added the soundtrack to our little video, it wouldn't be the same without their music. And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank everybody who attended PAX, without you this video would feel like I was visiting a ghost town. Hopefully none of you mind winding up in this low-budget video. Thank you for watching this presentation and we welcome any and all feedback about the production.



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