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Remixing Retrogamer3: Double Dungeons
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on March 13, 2012   |   Episode 19 (Show Archive)  


"Could you even stand it?"
Sometimes you have to be careful with what you ask for. For years I asked for a TV channel that was dedicated towards video games, technology and all of the other interests I share with my geeky brothers and sisters. And then I saw G4 and realized the horrible mistake I had made. Between bad production value, outdated information and annoying hosts, the G4 of old just made video gamers look bad.

Seeing my mistake, I decided to be a little more specific with my wishes. I wanted real people with personalities to dig deep into the past and tell me about games I might have missed. I don't need fancy camera tricks and interviews with has-been bands; I just want to hear somebody be passionate about the hobby I love.

Yet again, it turns out I needed to be more specific. While my wish was granted thanks to the 2005 invent of YouTube, the people that stepped up to the plate made me yearn for the annoying folks at G4. While there are certainly people who do a great job making YouTube videos about classic games, too many of them are more interested in being characters than being a fair game critic.

To honor the mostly unbearable tripe you see on YouTube, I have decided to reduce each video down to its core parts. Think of it as a remix, a way to get all of most important pieces out of an otherwise intolerable video. Our first victim is none other than Retrogamer3, who spends very little time with Double Dungeons before realizing that it's the worst game ever made.

Source Material: Retrogamer3's Double Dungeons review runs a total of 14 minutes and 23 seconds. It was posted on February 20, 2012.

Words of Advice: You're right; Double Dungeon isn't a very good game. Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a 5 when it first came out. But if you find yourself questioning if there are bosses or maps, then you haven't put in the amount of time needed to review the game. The fact that you started whining the moment you started playing the game isn't a good sign, especially when it's clear you know very little about the product. Who cares if somebody you know and respect hates the game, be your own man and review the game for yourself.



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