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Top Ten Most Politically Incorrect Games (Broken)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 27, 2002   |   Episode 38 (Show Archive)  

WALL OF TEXT EXPLAINED: What you're looking at is an episode of Countdown w/ Defunct Games published before 2006. As you can tell, something has gone horribly awry. I won't bore you with the technical details, but it has to do with the old layout being incompatible with the new. Eventually, we would like to retrofit these old episodes of Countdown, but that will require a significant amount of time. As Defunct Games has only a limited staff, we aren't sure when we'll have the chance to fix this article. If you absolutely need to know what this article said, get a hold of us on Twitter or leave a message in the comment section below. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you will enjoy the episodes created post-2006.

#10 Doom So what's controversial about Doom? I mean, you're killing demons in hell, how on Earth can that be offensive? Even though violence is not politically incorrect (see side panel), Doom is the exception to the rule. It's the one game that gets blamed for just about ever school shooting known to man. And it's not just in the U.S. In Scotland a few years back, a school shooting was blamed on Doom. So what's the problem with Doom? Like heavy metal music, it's the one thing that people can grasp onto that is similar in all the cases. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, video games now have their own "Catcher in the Rye". #9 State of Emergency Maybe it's just the timing, but as soon as the news picked up on State of Emergency, the riot game from Rockstar Games, it was dubbed "WTO the game" and other fairly rude names. Like it or not, State of Emergency really is everything that is politically incorrect in society, down to minority gangs, suicide bombers, and drug users. Not to mention that the game has you ruining a capitalist society. The game is more whimper than bite, but it still is enough to get the non-gamers all riled up. #8 Hitman 2 While violence isn't politically incorrect, per se, sometimes the line can be a little blurry. Hitman 2, for example, isn't as violent as Contra, but it's the method behind the killing that makes it so much worse than it actually is. Give you some thought in how to take people out, and then profiting off of this, well that just crosses the line of decency. But how can you dislike a game that allows you to take out your victims with a golf club? #7 Eternal Champions CD Not only does this game have a fighting senator, but also tons and tons and tons of animal cruelty. Be it a chicken, snake, or monkey, this fighter is one of the most unforgiving games against animals I've ever seen. But beyond the animals, the Senator really does a lot to damage the credibility of politics in general. He steals your money, he lies, he vetos, and he filibusters. That's our government in action, kids. #6 NARC Sure you're killing drug dealers, drug users, and drug groupies, but let's be realistic here, if a cop was walking around downtown New York City just shooting and beheading people, I suspect you'd have a problem with it. There is, after all, a sixth amendment in this country. An amendment that provides that all American citizens be up for a fair trial. Narc short of throws the laws out the book, and gives you a missile launcher to take out the really nasty drug users who are doing nothing worse than minding their own business while they are high. Now if that's not politically incorrect, I don't know what is. #5 Twisted Metal Black Thanks to a strong story, intense cinemas, and one hell of a controversial (and violent) theme, Twisted Metal Black was able to piss of several political groups. They say that it paints a bad image of mental illness, not to mention the institutions they are kept in. The European release was also hampered by minor post-September 11th gripes, like being able to shoot down a jumbo jet. But at the end of the day, Twisted Metal Black was a huge success in Europe AND the U.S., and an online version is expected within the year. #4 Conker's Bad Fur Day Just about everything about this game is as wrong as can be. However, I personally am not offended at it, so, I'll let Christian Spotlight's Guide 2 Games tell you just why YOU should be upset: "References to drunkenness, fellatio, penis size, and breast size among others are tossed around gleefully, along with an enormous helping of "poop" and fart jokes which are infinitely juvenile and at times, very gross. At one point in the game, your character is in a level composed completely of feces, battling an enemy of feces who breaks into a crude and raunchy song which includes many scatological terms for feces and even a crass term for female genitals." As you can tell, this comes highly recommended. #3 Night Trap It's hard to believe that Night Trap made such a ruckus. The game truly isn't all that controversial, but if you left it to the senators, law makers, and lobbyists, you'd think it was child pornography. They claimed it was overly violent. But compared to your average PG-13 movie, this is childs play. They said there was a simulated rape in the game. However, I think there are a few politicians who need to look that word up in the dictionary. The only crime in this game is Dana Plato's horrible, horrible acting. This game garnered far too much attention, and that, I'm afraid, is the only reason it made it on this list. #2 Grand Theft Auto III Where does one even begin when talking about Grand Theft Auto III? It seems like just about everything you do in the game is a politically incorrect. Not just the mafia, or the prostitutes, or the hitman jobs. Oh no, it's much more than that, like impersonating a cop, murdering FBI agents with a tank, or even setting apartment buildings on fire. This game is just dripping with politically incorrectness, and even features a ton of politically incorrect actors. The only question is, how could this game NOT be the more politically incorrect game on the list?? #1 Thrill Kill How politically incorrect is Thrill Kill? It's so bad it was scrapped at the eleventh hour to minimize controversy. Now THAT'S politically incorrect. Here we have a game that whose characters are modeled after the deepest, darkest, ugliest porno film you've ever seen. I'm talking about one of those pornos that's only slightly more offensive than cock fighting. Thrill Kill does things with there characters you've never seen, some that you likely never will. But if beating your enemy with your own severed limb is wrong, then I don't want to be right! Question: Interesting list, but aren't all violent games politically incorrect?? Heck no. If anything, it's quite the opposite. Just look at where we are now. We live in a society that says sex is bad and evil, but violence is perfectly acceptable. Look at the TV shows we have. Plenty of people getting murdered, disfigured, brutalized, and even dismembered, but we have a big problem when somebody shows their bare ass. And don't even think about showing a breast!! If violence was politically incorrect we wouldn't get involved with as many military actions as we do. And frankly, if we were anti-violence, we wouldn't have the death penalty. So no, this society is all about violence, which is why sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll are the real evils to the politically correct.


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