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Ten Neo*Geo Games Missing on the NGPC (Broken)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 09, 2002   |   Episode 31 (Show Archive)  

WALL OF TEXT EXPLAINED: What you're looking at is an episode of Countdown w/ Defunct Games published before 2006. As you can tell, something has gone horribly awry. I won't bore you with the technical details, but it has to do with the old layout being incompatible with the new. Eventually, we would like to retrofit these old episodes of Countdown, but that will require a significant amount of time. As Defunct Games has only a limited staff, we aren't sure when we'll have the chance to fix this article. If you absolutely need to know what this article said, get a hold of us on Twitter or leave a message in the comment section below. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you will enjoy the episodes created post-2006.

#10 Ninja Combat Series Yes, this launch title is a terrible, terrible game. Ninja Combat was everything bad about the Neo*Geo wrapped into one short game. But it's sequel, the overhead shooter Ninja Commando, showed some improvements on the theme. The Neo Geo Pocket Color lacked a lot of high quality shooting games, and this game could have brought back the good old days of the ninja shooter. Wait a second, which good old days were those?? #9 Art of Fighting We have King of Fighters R-1, King of Fighters R-2, AND King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise, but no Art of Fighting? You might already know I'm not a huge fan of Art of Fighting or Art of Fighting 2, but by the time they came around to Art of Fighting 3 for the Neo*Geo they just about perfected this unique fighter. On the Neo Geo Pocket Color they would be able to show off what they've learned, as well as give the home gamers what they want. At least they would be able to make up for those miserable ports of the original on the Super NES and Genesis. #8 Crossed Swords It's an arcade role playing game. It's simple, it's fairly easy, and it's boring as hell. But can you imagine how much they could have done on the Neo Geo Pocket Color? Look what they did to Beast Busters! This portable could have used a few more adventure games, but then, when is that not the case? A two player adventure sure would have been nice, maybe we'll never know. #7 Breakers Series I know there are a lot of fighters already on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, but Breakers (and it's sequel, Breakers Revenge) was one of those games that brought a smile to anybodies face. It had a unusual cast of characters, spot on control, and a lot more fun than a game should. It's a fantastic brawler in a sea of way too many fighting games. On the portable the game could have been reborn, but it's just not meant to be. #6 Shock Trooper Series Shock Troopers is one of those games that looks like Mercs, plays likes Mercs, and even steals some of the bosses from Mercs, but hey, that's okay, because Mercs was a lot of fun. Not to say that this series was EXACTLY like Capcom's classic shooter, but it was close enough to warrant direct comparison. But this could have gone someplace Mercs never went, a portable! Shock Troopers did feature a sequel, Shock Troopers 2, one of the best games on the Neo*Geo. Wonder if we'll ever see Shock Troopers again ... #5 World Heroes Series You either love World Heroes or you hate it. There's plenty of fodder for any argument, regardless which side you are on in this debate. But there's one thing that's known, it could be been redefined and perfected on the portable system. But no, we get Fatal Fury and Gal Fighters, why no World Heroes?? #4 WindJammers Some call it Pong, but we call it America's favorite beach game: Frisbee! That's right, if you don't live anywhere around a beach, or you've never owned a dog, this Neo*Geo classic is for you. WindJamers is one of my favorite two player games, and it even appeared on my growing list of Great Games, but it never went far beyond the arcade. No ports. No sequels. Nothing. It's a shame that some good games die young. #3 Super Dodge Ball GameBoy Advance owners may already own this, but just imagine how great it would have been to see a Neo Geo Pocket port of Super Dodge Ball in it's life? Okay, I admit, this is just a sentimental favorite. I can just imagine how much better waiting for a flight would be playing this with a friend. You know, when you really think about it, the Neo Geo Pocket is lacking a lot of games with people who throw stuff. #2 Waku Waku 7 Strange name, great game. Of all the Neo*Geo fighters, Waku Waku 7 is my second favorite (only below Samurai Shodown II). This game features the most unique characters of any fighter, all which have an extremely anime look and feel to them. The backgrounds are some of the best, and there's an unreal amount of detail to all of the animation. Oh sure there are only a few characters, but just imagine how great this would be given a new life on the pocket system. #1 Magician Lord That's right, Magician Lord! This forgotten classic is not only one of the best platformers of all time, but it's also the first great game for the Neo*Geo. On the Neo Geo Pocket they would have been able to loosen up the controls a little, and perhaps add some new items and enemies. Sure it wasn't CastleVania, but there have been a few leaps in 2D adventure games since the days of Magician Lord and Cadash. Question: Only ten, eh? Doesn't seem like you're covering much ground. You know what, you're right. You're 100% right. This list IS a little short. So, what can we do about that? How about mentioning that games like Cyber Lips may have sucked back in the day, but could be really great now. Or what about Nam 75, a game we just don't see anymore. And then there's League Bowling, why? Because we don't have any bowling games on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Or maybe Zed Blade, Viewpoint, and Alpha Mission because there aren't enough shooters available. But the game needed the most is Samurai Spirit RPG, and that's the triple truth, ruth.


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