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420 Games of April 20th (Broken)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 20, 2001   |   Episode 2 (Show Archive)  

WALL OF TEXT EXPLAINED: What you're looking at is an episode of Countdown w/ Defunct Games published before 2006. As you can tell, something has gone horribly awry. I won't bore you with the technical details, but it has to do with the old layout being incompatible with the new. Eventually, we would like to retrofit these old episodes of Countdown, but that will require a significant amount of time. As Defunct Games has only a limited staff, we aren't sure when we'll have the chance to fix this article. If you absolutely need to know what this article said, get a hold of us on Twitter or leave a message in the comment section below. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you will enjoy the episodes created post-2006.

#4 Strider 2 There are not enough drugs in the world to make me accept US Gold's sequel to Strider. Would you accept a sequel to Citizen Kane? How about another Schindler's List? Pulp Fiction 2? I didn't think so, and that's why anybody that has actually played a Strider game (either of the two Capcom arcade games, that is) knows that this is NOT strider, and is simply an insult to say it is. A game that should list what the programmers were smoking, and where they got it, so you can stick far far far away! #3 Rise 2: The Resurrection Push the button. Wait. Pass the bong. Wait. Take the Bong back. Wait. Button you pushed FINALLY does something on the screen! #2 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen You have to clothing shop. You have to make food for your friends in a fast food joint. You have to strut your stuff on the run way. And you have to dance. If I wanted to do these things in real like I certainly wouldn't be writing an article about drugs. If you are like most PlayStation owners, I have a funny feeling Drugs should come WITH this game. #1 Myst It's going to take a drug extremely powerful to make Myst entertaining. And it's going to take something even stronger than that to make Myst interesting to anybody watching and not playing the game. Myst is as entertaining as a choose your own adventure that's not in a language you can read! However, with the help of drugs you may be able to withstand the puzzles that are just guessing games. (On to The Top Twenty Games to Play On Drugs) Time: 420 When you're done checking out our site, there are some other 420's you may want to check out to celebrate this day in history. There's, which features quite a bit of places to chat, read bbs', and much much more. Though, don't be confused by similarly titled, which has a bunch of great information about 420 related Bands (read: Dave Matthews, Blues Travelor, etc.). A pretty interesting site. But, if that kind of 420 isn't your thing, you should check out British 420 Class Association, which has much more to do with sailing, and competing. It's actually a pretty interesting page, and documents a lot of what has gone on for this team. Extremely interesting.


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