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Circus Lido Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 1%
Circus Lido
Circus Lido Circus Lido Circus Lido Circus Lido
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I have to say that I genuinely did not enjoy playing this game. Even after I understood what the objective was I found this game to be slow, plodding, tedious, and wholly unpleasant. It's really no wonder why no one remembers this game, or why it didn't merit any sequels.

Circus Lido is a puzzle game featuring some persuasion of lizard; the catching-bugs-with-its-tongue variety. That tongue is Lidos' sole weapon, and it moves very slowly, and barely works when implemented correctly. The object of this game is to pickup the insect/lizard enemies with your tongue and feed them into the Venus Flytraps that occupy a few of the platforms. This is much easier said than done; as mentioned, the tongue isn't as quick as those nature documentaries would lead you to believe. Moreover, targeting the Flytraps while moving your character is nearly impossible to do; for some reason the crosshairs like to point at the ground instead of straight ahead, making the "fun" part of the game a royal pain in the ass! In the end Lido is to obtain a small boxy icon that symbolizes everything you just disliked is about to start over with a slightly different layout.

Lido, if that is his name (I really don't know what the title means) also uses his tail to wrap around logs and pull himself up the various platforms. The main problem with this is Lido's inability to walk on the platform he is hovering over without falling back down to the previous level! Talk about tedium, this game has it to spare.

The music isn't even worth mentioning; ditto for sound effects. This is a very blas? type of experience. I am almost reminded of Dig Dug meets Don Doko Don, if for no other reason than that great alliteration. I hate to leave a review so short, but it doesn't deserve that much discussion.
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