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Twisted: The Game Show Reviewed by Diego Antico on . Rating: 78%
Twisted: The Game Show
Twisted: The Game Show Twisted: The Game Show Twisted: The Game Show
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Produced by Trip Hawkins (the mastermind behind Electronic Arts and the 3DO), comes Twisted: The Game Show, a wacky CD-ROM based Game Show. One to four players can participate in this zany TV show on your 3DO. Along for the ride is the hilarious host and his assistant.

Twisted is, above all, a fun party game. Played with other people, it becomes just as good as a Winning Eleven multiplayer match - pure joy. If you live in a football/soccer-friendly land, that is.

The game show comes packed with full motion video sequences, funny commercials included. The characters are hilarious, Pez (a pez dispenser) really steals the show.

The game gets rolling with a big sized helix-shaped game board made up of 90 spaces. Most squares start "challenges", your basic mini-games. There are eight different games to play, including Trivia, Match the Sounds, Supermarket High Rise, Zap the Commercials, and more.

The thing to avoid in this freaky show hosted by Twink Fizzdale is to fall in the wheel of torture, which really isn't as bad as it sounds.

When you get to "the challenge square!" you enter a matrix, which is like a tick-tac-toe in that you pick a column and your opponent a row and the point of interception highlights the mini game.

Challenges include Twin Peeks (a concentration game), Departure Lounge (which makes you re-arrange a picture), Supermarket High Rise (wherein you must spot the item that appeared before), Mystery Matinee (where you must re-arrange a moving picture), Zapper (which makes you stop a series of commercials from playing), and Face Lift (which makes you unscramble faces). The games are fun to play with others and offer a nice variety of challenges.

The 3DO's video qualities are put to great use in this cinematic experience. As usual, the clips are crisp and often pure eye candy.

If you're looking for a great party game for your 3DO then you can't go wrong with this zany game show. Some of the challenges may get old after awhile but there's no denying the excitement you get when playing your friends at a game of Twisted!
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