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Klax Reviewed by Patrick O'Connor on . Rating: 78%
Klax Klax Klax Klax
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In case you missed the phenomenon known as Klax in the early 1990's, it is basically a game that gives the challenge of matching up three colors vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally, all while making a unique experience that sets this game apart from all the other puzzle games of the time. The colored blocks come down on what looks like a conveyer belt, making a variety of sounds as they tumble down towards a paddle that you move from left to right in order to catch the colored tiles.

The game doesn't have a timer, so there is no need to worry of a clock running down, but if you miss too many pieces, or let them stack up to high, then it is game over. Unlike other color matching games like Puyo Pop or Columns, you can actually hold onto the tiles and plan your moves. Eventually the tiles will be coming so fast, you will only have a split second to plan where to drop the tile.

On unique trait about Klax is how you play and score, each "wave" has you reach a different goal. On one level you may be required to get three "klax", or more specifically 3 diagonal Klax. Sometimes you will only be required to reach a certain score by any means. These goals actually make the game less enjoyable, Since you know that after you make three tiles in a row a certain amount of times, you must move on.

The sound of Klax couldn't me more comical, with boings, and all. There are even sampled voices of people cheering you on. The opening theme is worth a listen in its self. Other then that, there is no real soundtrack to speak of. I'm kind of glad there isn't background music during the levels, it leaves you to completely focus on your objective.

The control of this game is rock solid, zipping from left to right with no problems, the only time there is any slowdown is then there are a ton of tiles flipping there way to you. I would actually go as far to say that the control is one of the best aspects of the game. If you end up missing a piece, it is generally your own fault, there isn't a single time that I felt cheated by the computer as I have with past puzzle games.

I fell like Klax was Atari's answer to the Tengen Tetris debacle, problem is, I don't fell that this game can really stand up to the greatness of Tetris. It is however a very fun, frantic puzzle arcade port that any Lynx owner shouldn't be without.
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