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Cyril Reads
Bionic Commando (Ch. 16 + 17)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on October 22, 2008   |   Episode 24 (Show Archive)  


Even Jack Markson is happy that we only have three more episodes left!
PREVIOUSLY ON CYRIL READS BIONIC COMMANDO: After successfully defeating the evil NAZZ organization, Jack Markson and his partner, Super Joe, were ready to celebrate their victory. But Generalissimo Kilt and his BADD terrorist group had other ideas. Using ninjas and snipers, Kilt ruined their day and kidnapped Super Joe. Thankfully Jack was able to escape, but not before suffering some major injuries to his arm. The Federation may have been able to save Jack, but they were forced to remove his arm and attach a plastic bionic arm that will aid him on his quest to defeat Kilt and rescue Super Joe. Already he's managed to escape becoming a Jack Sandwich, fought a giant squid, tangled with fighter jets and defeated a man-eating plant. No, I'm not joking. Jack is so close to rescuing Super Joe, but in his most recent mission he managed to get caught by two dozen BADD soldiers. Will our hero be able to dodge bullets from 20 different guns? Will he ever be able to over eat again? These questions and more are answered in another exciting episode of Cyril Reads Bionic Commando!

So we've successfully survived the first ten episodes of Cyril Reads Bionic Commando, I guess that means that we're down to the final three weeks. Can you believe that? We're almost done with our second book here at Cyril Reads! In this episode we take a look at another two chapters, which involves some resolution and cool boss battles. Well, maybe they aren't "cool" boss battles, but we do wrap up at least one of the story threads in this chapter. Find out what I'm talking about when you check out Bionic Commando chapters 16 and 17!

In case you have yet to listen to last week's amazing 10th episode, I suggest you go back and do that now (I'll wait). To everybody else that is caught up I proudly offer you Cyril Reads Bionic Commando Episode 11 ...

Episode 11 - Bionic Commando (Chapter 16 + 17)
00:00 - Introduction to Bionic Commando
01:17 - Chapter 16: Jack Runs with the Rats
08:00 - Chapter 17: Jack Finds a Friend
20:15 - An Open Letter to J.B. Stamper!

(Technical Information: CYRIL READS BIONIC COMMANDO - Episode 11 runs for 18:54
at a size of 10.6 mb zipped or 10.8 mb unzipped.)

Note: Defunct Games would like to thank both Capcom and GRIN for supplying both music and sound effects. We would also like to thank all of the other websites and podcasts who linked and advertised this article. And of course we would like to thank the people who listened to it, without you we wouldn't be able to make a terrible podcast like this. See you next week for another exciting episode of CYRIL READS BIONIC COMMANDO!)


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