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Cyril Reads
Ninja Gaiden (Ch. 25 - 27)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 25, 2008   |   Episode 13 (Show Archive)  


Ryu is happy that this series has come to an end, he's tired of holding that position for 13 weeks!
PREVIOUSLY ON CYRIL READS NINJA GAIDEN: Thirteen weeks ago Defunct Games did the unthinkable; we decided to devote our time to the teachings of Mr. A.L. Singer. 19 years ago this literary genius wowed the world with his masterpiece, Ninja Gaiden. Almost two decades later we're bringing that important work into the 21st century. For thirteen weeks we've read you chapter after chapter, telling you about a young 13 year old boy who travels half way around the world to fight bad guys and discover the truth about his long-dead father. For weeks we've given you twists, cliffhangers and unresolved questions. But tonight all that comes to an end. After 13 weeks, Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden is finally coming to an end. This is the episode you've been waiting for, the episode that answers all of the questions and reveals the final big surprise. This is the exciting season finale of Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden. Join us as we journey alongside Ryu Hayabusa one more time as he mops up the mess caused by The Jaquio. Ladies and gentlemen, this is our final journey into the heart of Ninja Gaiden!

So you want to know how it all ends, eh? Well, you're in luck, because that's exactly what we're doing in this extra special, extra long, extra amazing season finale of Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden. This 13th and final episode will expose the secrets of The Jaquio, will seal the fate of Ken Hayabusa and will explain who that mysterious girl is and what she's doing there. And not only that, but you'll also learn what Sea Swallow is ... here's a hint: it doesn't have anything to do with porn. It's all here in the final episode of the season. You only think you know how this is going to play now!

This goes without saying, but if you missed the last twelve episodes then I suggest you go back and check out the entire Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden archive. And for even more ninja action I suggest you check out yesterday's special Ninja Gaiden retrospective - 20 Years of Ninja Gaiden: The Ancient Dark Chaos Dragon Black Sigma Sword of Doom. And that's not even it, on Friday we'll be bringing you a very cool 30 minute video that explains the differences between the book and the game. So make sure and check out all of that stuff and then listen to the final three chapters of Ninja Gaiden!

Episode 12 - Ninja Gaiden (Chapters 25, 26 & 27)
00:00 - Introduction/Previously On
01:45 - Chapter 25: Ryu vs. the Black Hole!
06:48 - Chapter 26: Ryu vs. the Radio Guy!
10:50 - Chapter 27: Ryu vs. His Emotions!
16:10 - FX Nine Suggests Other Books!
16:52 - Enter The World of Power Contest Now!
18:40 - An Open Letter to A.L. Singer!

(Technical Information: Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden - Episode 13 runs for 24:04
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