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Cyril Reads
Ninja Gaiden (Ch. 23 + 24)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 18, 2008   |   Episode 12 (Show Archive)  


We already know how this is going to end, but you might as well listen anyway!
PREVIOUSLY ON CYRIL READS NINJA GAIDEN: Okay, we have a ton of plot points to get to so there's no time to stall ... First Ryu gets a letter from his long-dead father. No wait, first Ryu turns 13 and becomes the highest level of ninja possible. Then he gets the letter, which sends him half-way around the world in order to figure out what happened to his dad. Then he's kicked off of a college campus. He gets in a fight with some big bully at a local bar, gets shot by a 13 year old girl, fights a car, gets drafted into the CIA, gets sent to Central America to battle some sort of evil, falls off a mine-cart, battles a bunch of bosses, sweats fire, falls down another big hole, gets that 13 year old girl kidnapped, accidentally loses two statues that, if put together, will spell the end of the world, and finds out his father may actually not be dead, but is a mutant mask-wielding killer brainwashed by the Jacquio. Or something like that. It's all a little confusing. Anyway, Ryu ends up meeting his dad, they have a beautiful heart-felt reunion, and then Jacquio kills him. Obviously this pisses Ryu off, and so he leaps into action and quickly kills the evil monster. But wait, Ryu's dad isn't dead after all ... but now the statues are together and Ryu has to go and kill an even bigger monster. And that's where we are now, with Ryu feeling like he can't possibly kill such a humungous monster. Will he do it? Find out now when you listen to the penultimate episode of Ninja Gaiden!

Oh. My. God. We're finally to the second to last episode, and that means that there's only one means that there's only one more week to go. You can almost feel the excitement in the air. Almost. Actually, you probably can't feel the excitement in the air because, let's face it, you already know how this thing is going to end. But you should still tune in next week and find out what the final three chapters (yes, THREE chapters) sounds like. But in the mean time why don't you go ahead and listen to chapters 23 and 24. That way you'll feel all caught up when we finally deliver the exciting finale of Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden!

In case you have yet to listen to the first ten episodes, I suggest you go back and do that now (I'll wait). To everybody else that is caught up I proudly offer you Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden chapters twenty-three and twenty-four ...

Episode 12 - Ninja Gaiden (Chapters 23 + 24)
00:00 - Introduction/Previously On
01:08 - Chapter 21: Ryu's Fight Against the Monster!
05:30 - Chapter 22: Ryu's Escape From the Monster!
10:57 - An Open Letter to A.L. Singer!

(Technical Information: Cyril Reads Ninja Gaiden - Episode 12 runs for 19:37
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