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The Roundtable - Vol. 1
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on October 20, 2006   |   Episode 6 (Show Archive)  


This is not the roundtable we used, ours was full of technical difficulties!
Ever wonder what it would be like if you could hear your friends at Defunct Games debate the most recent news, recap the biggest articles and discuss the most recent reviews? Well now you can thanks to our newest episode of Radio Free Gaming. Unlike past episodes, The Roundtable: Vol. 1 is not scripted and not all about being funny. Instead it's a look back at the best and worst news, articles and reviews from the last two weeks. Twice a month we gather three people together and see what they have to say about the video game industry around them. Are you ready for an extra long episode that covers religion, bullies and Lumines Live?

WARNING: This episode of Radio Free Gaming is marred by some unforeseen technical problems that will be worked out by the time we record Vol. 2. Seeing as this is our first attempt at a true roundtable discussion I ask that you accept these minor technical difficulties and enjoy the show for what it is. As this show grows I have a hunch you will be impressed with what we do and where we go. For now just enjoy this 50 minute long episode and understand that there are still some problems to iron out.
Episode 6 - The Roundtable: Vol. 1
00:00:00 - Introduction to Radio Free Gaming
00:00:55 - The News
00:25:28 - The Articles
00:35:40 - The Reviews
00:43:45 - The Letters

(Technical Information: Reviews in The Hotseat Volume 1 runs for 49:45
at a size of 34.0 mb zipped or 34.1 mb unzipped.)

The News

Lumines Live Woes! What could possibly be bad about a Lumines game on the Xbox 360? After waiting half a year for the game to be released, Xbox 360 owners were treated to a half-assed Lumines port that features disappointing controls and a high price. To make matters worse, your $15 won't even get you the full game. Talk about depressing. Now Lumines fans are up in arms and mad as hell that the game they paid $15 for isn't the full game. Oh, and did I mention that there are reports of the game crashing Xbox 360 consoles? All this makes you just want to go and buy a PSP.

Clover Dissolved Speaking of sad news, did you hear that Clover is shutting down? The people that brought us some of the best (and most quirky) games in all the land has been dissolved and the main people behind the company quit. But don't worry, Capcom has promised to release five Mega Man games a year until you die.

Ebay Shuts Down PS3 Sales Want a PlayStation 3 at launch but don't have a reservation at your local game store? Don't worry, now you can buy one of the reservations off of eBay! Oh, what's that? Ebay has shut down those auctions? Well, nevermind. I guess you won't be getting a PlayStation 3 at launch after all.

Bully Goes to Court Did you hear the one about the crazy lawyer who hauled the T-rated Bully into a courtroom? Well apparently that lawyer didn't have all the facts when he called the game a Columbine simulator and the judge sided with Rockstar Games. Gamers shouldn't be surprised; it's been a good twenty years since anybody took the lawyer seriously.

G4 Gets Reshuffled I want to make a joke about G4 being killed off, but now that they're playing Arrested Development I want to like them. Ah screw it; this is probably good news for Spike TV, Jr. It's not like they were making new episodes of X-Play anyway.

The Articles

A Hostile Place for Cheaters On Running Feuds (Ep. 117) - The Xbox 360 can do a lot of amazing things, including playing amazing looking games, downloading cool demos and keeping you in contact with your friends. But there's one thing it doesn't do, and that's allow you to cheat. Whether it's online or off, the Xbox 360 seems determined to keep you from using cheat codes. In this On Running Feud we attempt to get to the bottom of this trend and decide whether or not it's worth it to buy cheats online!

Limited Facts about Test Drive Unlimited Pop-Up Video Games (Ep. 49) - Who says you can't learn important facts from video games? Defunct Games is here to disprove that silly notion with another episode of Pop-Up Video Games! In this episode we learn about car facts from Atari's newest racer, Test Drive Unlimited. But be warned, paying attention to this article may actually make you smarter!

Is Eight Years Too Much Time? I've Got Your Number (Ep. 8) - We're up to EIGHT and that can only mean one thing. No, it doesn't mean we're going to devote a whole show to 8-bit games, although, now that you mention it that's a pretty good idea! Instead we're going to look at games that were shown off eight years before they actually came out. Prepare yourself for a short, but sweet, list of long-awaited games when we ask: Is Eight Years Too Much Time?

The Cover Critic's Religious Awakening The Cover Critic (Ep. 60) - This is The Cover Critic, your guide to what's good and bad in the world of video game boxes. In this episode of The Cover Critic we look at a bunch of religious games for your NES, a shirtless guy who is part of the Lords of Thunder, golf, and Farrah Fawcett in The Great Giana Sisters! This is going to be yet another controversial episode of The Cover Critic, so sit back and get ready for our take on five of the worst examples of box art we could find!

Daisy Does Bad Advertising Commercial Break (Ep. 29) - It's been nearly a month since we've checked in with Commercial Break and boy do we have a good episode for you. We've collected four of the most confusing commercials we could find and plan on ripping them to shreds. First up we see what ESPN's video game website is all about, then we look at the worst Bomberman commercial ever, we follow that up with the Official Sega Genesis Seal of Quality and finish with a bunch of dice killing a man. It's another disturbing stroll down the museum of bad advertising, so brace yourself because this episode is going to hurt your feelings and leave you wanting more!
The Reviews

American McGee Presents Bad Day L.A. Reviews au Courant - Wait, what's this? Is this a review of a brand new game? What is it doing on Defunct Games? Well forget for a minute that we call our side Defunct Games, starting today we are going to offer brand new reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means you can expect new articles each and every day of the week! But don't think we're ignoring our classic game reviews, you will still find them on the weekend. But for now see what Cyril thought of American McGee's newest game, Bad Day L.A. for the PC!

TurboDuo Another weekend is upon us and that can only mean one thing - it's time for another group of video game reviews! We have a strong weekend in store for you, including four reviews for the TurboDuo! Saturday brings us Cyril's thoughts on The Legendary Axe and The Ninja Warriors. And if that's not enough, Sunday has Cyril's review of Power Drive and Chad's take on Circus Lido! It's another great set of classic reviews that you will only get at Defunct Games! Check out our review archive to see what you've been missing!

Prey Reviews au Courant - When Prey was cancelled back at the turn of the Millennium few thought we would ever see the light of day. Yet here we are, able to play 3D Realms first-person shooter on two different systems. It got a major facelift and some new tricks, what could be bad about that? But after all this time how does it stack up to the Halos and Unreal Tournaments? Find out now when you read Cyril's full review of Prey for the Xbox 360!

Chad's 100th Review After a year of service to Defunct Games, we are proud to present Chad's 100th review! This would have been a perfect opportunity for us to get Chad on the horn and see what he has to say for himself. But we didn't, and you're stuck listening to us talk about his accomplishment. This is just one of the reasons I am going to fire the person that books our show. Oh, what's that? I'm the person that books the show? Did I mention that I would work better if I got a raise? Maybe one day we'll get Chad on the show to describe what he was thinking when he wrote his 100th review!



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