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Another Disastrous Radio Program
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on August 11, 2006   |   Episode 5 (Show Archive)  


Sometimes it doesn't pay to show up for work!
You are listening to Radio Free Gaming. In this very special late night episode we answer eight real letters sent in to various video game websites. We did not make these letters up; we stole them out of everything from Electronic Gaming Monthly to Super Play. It's twenty minutes of our host Cyril Lachel discussing the mail in a way that is unlike anything you've ever heard before.

Below you will find all eight of the letters featured in this episode of Radio Free Gaming. We have copied them word for word from the original magazines and even feature the issue, month and year they come from. None of the names or locations have been changed, these are the original letters that the have magazines printed over the years. Want to find out what we think of these letters? Then I suggest you get yourself comfortable and listen to what the staff of Radio Free Gaming has to say about every one of these pathetic letters. Here's hoping Atman Mehta never decides to Google himself.
Episode 5 - Another Disastrous Radio Program
00:00:00 - Introduction to Radio Free Gaming
00:02:52 - Letter #1
00:05:19 - Letter #2
00:07:33 - Letter #3
00:08:53 - Letter #4
00:10:57 - Station Identification
00:11:00 - Letter #5
00:14:32 - Letter #6
00:16:27 - Letter #7
00:17:14 - Letter #8
00:18:38 - A Surprise Visitor

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Letter 1 - Atman Mehta, Cheltenham: What with all this

Wouldn't it just be cheaper to buy a whole bunch of games and not game systems?
talk about video game addiction, epilepsy and so on. I just thought I would put pen to paper and expose an illness not yet recognized.

Everyone seems to think that the younger generation of game players is most at risk, but what about us twentysomethings? At first, I thought it was just me, but I soon found that this problem affects just about everybody over the age of about 20 who has a steady income.

In short, it's called TSAROH, or The Selling and Repurchasing of Hardware. We all have this compulsion to sell our machines, thinking we don't want them any more, but then a few weeks later we have to buy a new one. I myself have gone through: 1 Game Gear, 2 Mega Drive, 1 Mega CD, and wait for it, 3 Super Nintendo's! (Super Play #11 - September 1993)

Letter 2 - Jason Melby, Canoga Park, California: I don't mean to complain, but in recent days I have noticed quite a bit of "Sega-Bashing." For

I don't care how many Mario games you show me the truth is that there is no Super Mario Bros. 4!
instance I notice that you always compare Super NES games to Genesis games but you never compare Genesis games to Super NES games. How would you compare Sonic to Super Mario Bros. 4 and Streets of Rage to Final Fight? (EGM #26 - September 1991)

Letter 3 - Mark Harnetty, Doncaster, South Yorks: Please, please, please could you send me a photo of yourself so I can take it to school and have a bloody good laugh at your expense as you are a pathetic person you donkey. (Mean Machines Sega #12 - October 1993)

Letter 4 - Jason Rosell, Bullhead City, Arizona: I am writing to ask for your expert advice. My uncle and I are having a little quarrel over whether a name brand sells a video game or not. He believes that gamers will buy a video game merely because it has a major movie title on the box. I, on the other hand, believe that gamers are more conservative and ask more out of a game. They demand quality, graphics and gameplay. Are gamers willing to buy video games merely because it has a popular movie license? (EGM #90 - January 1997)

Letter 5 - Stephen Ford, Edgewood, New Mexico: Regarding Final Fantasy VII. Sony is working hard to preserve the integrity of Square's work? What a fine example of moral integrity! Public urination, sexual activity, prostitution! How marvelous! A work of art indeed! This is absolutely unacceptable. Sony will get none of my money. All they care about is preserving porn from Japanese games, and that stuff shouldn't even be there. (EGM #96 - July 1997)

Letter 6 - Kyle Hanson, Denver, Colorado: I've been saving up for the upcoming systems, but I think that they cost

I can think of two extremely perky reasons men enjoy looking at BMX XXX and Dead or Alive!
way too much. I've been saving for seven years and still do not have enough money to buy a new system (and neither do a lot of my friends). And even if I was able to get a system, I wouldn't be able to afford any games for it. I am asking you to lower your prices. A normal $65 game would be much better if it was closer to $40. (EGM #90 - January 1997)

Letter 7 - Joshua Williams, Groton, Connecticut: I have a friend who always likes to come in my house to play PlayStation games. She is getting on my nerves. How can I keep this creature away from my PlayStation? (EGM #119 - June 1999)

Letter 8 - Victoria Frey, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania: I'm 14 and would love to know what you guys think about the female role in games. I am a girl gamer, and I love gore and mayhem. I'm a big fan of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on the Xbox. I just get a little ticked off when I see games like BMX XXX and Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I know some boy gamers who drool over the big-busted, half-naked women in games (or in the case of BMX XXX, completely naked). I think that games like this ruin boys' respect for women and they do anything for them, just like in a game. Why do games do this, and what do you guys think about it? I already know what boys think about it ... (GamePro #182 - November 2003)


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