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Somebody Else's Podcast! Vol. 10
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on March 10, 2008   |   Episode 16 (Show Archive)  


If Electronic Arts has their way you would never see 2K Sports games again ... which isn't so bad if we're talking about All Pro Football!
These days every website has a podcast, from GameSpot to IGN to 1up. But how many people actually have the time to listen to all of those podcasts? Well, Defunct Games does, and we're here to tell you what's good, what's bad and what's just plain ridiculous! We're here to comment on everything we disagree with, pull things out of context to make others look like fools and introduce you to the many wacky moments you would have otherwise missed. After digging as deep as we can go with our usual list of podcasts (The Hotspot, Games for Windows Radio, etc.), Radio Free Gaming has decided to go the extra step and add a bunch of new audio shows to the mix. That's right, we're finally adding some new meat to our rotisserie, something a lot of defunct gamers have been asking about for a long time. In this episode you will hear from the Sarcastic Gamer, learn why it's hard to listen to the various Destructoid shows, and discover just how hardcore the Hardcore Christian Gamer Cast is (here's a hint: it's not very hardcore). If you're the kind of person that has grown bored of hearing Jeremy Parish say stupid things about your favorite old school games, then this is the podcast for you!

Not only are we spending a lot of time looking at these new (to us) podcasts, but we are also going to dig deep into the controversy surrounding the Electronic Arts takeover of Take 2 Interactive. We're going to let our usual panel weigh in on this pressing issue, so get ready to find out what our friends at GameSpot, OXM and Game Theory really think about EA's hostile bid to buy out the Grand Theft Auto publishers. Is it all about the sports? Are they only in it for the Grand Theft Auto? These are just a couple of the questions we won't even try to answer in this crazy new episode of Radio Free Gaming. With our writers back this newest episode ran like a dream, it has fantastic production values, good music and a twist ending that you'll never see coming. Well, you might see it coming ... but regardless of what you think is going to happen, it's a good episode that's worth listening to. So scroll down and check out either the ZIP or MP3 of our newest episode of Radio Free Gaming!

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Episode 16 - Somebody Else's Podcast! Vol. 10
00:00:00 - Introduction to Radio Free Gaming
00:02:10 - EA vs. Take 2: The Hotspot!
00:06:01 - EA vs. Take 2: KOXM!
00:07:10 - EA vs. Take 2: Game Theory!
00:09:55 - Sarcastic Gamer: Quit Doing My Job, Jerks!
00:12:32 - Sarcastic Gamer: The Promo Overlay!
00:16:00 - Hardcore Christian Gamer Cast: The Phone Calls!
00:17:55 - Hardcore Christian Gamer Cast: The Best-Of!
00:21:55 - Retro Force Go!: The "R" Word!
00:26:20 - The Hotspot Predicts the Future!

(Technical Information: Somebody Else's Podcast! Vol. 10 runs for 33:19
at a size of 19.0 mb zipped or 20.0 mb unzipped.)


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