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The Leaderboard
James Sturges Fights The Leaderboard
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 01, 2011   |   Episode 3 (Show Archive)  


The Leaderboard doesn't pretend to be somebody famous!
It's time once again for THE LEADERBOARD, the Defunct Games podcast/game show. You read that correctly, it's both a game show AND a podcast! For the next three months we will find random gamers and make them guess what popular game I'm thinking of. But don't worry; I'll give them a fighting chance. I'll read them a short review from a popular video game magazine. It couldn't be any simpler!

In April we met Jerry Terrifying, an old school gamer who managed to rack up an impressive SEVEN POINTS! One week later it was Kevin Knight's turn, but sadly he came up just shy of hitting a new high score. After a few weeks off the air, we finally have our next contestant. Will James Sturges have what it takes to be Mr. Terrifying? Find out now when you listen to brand new episode of THE LEADERBOARD!

ATTENTION: Do you have what it takes to take on THE LEADERBOARD? Do you want your chance to show how many games you remember? Then why not send me an email and tell me why you deserve to be the next contestant!

(Technical Information: JAMES STURGES FIGHTS THE LEADERBOARD runs 24:31
at a size of 21.2 mb zipped or 22.4 mb unzipped.)

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