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Fight The Future
Fighting Your Next Generation Questions
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on November 15, 2013   |   Episode 9 (Show Archive)  


Greatness may await, but expect long lines before you find it!
Today the PlayStation 4 hits store shelves and gamers across the United States and Canada are learning what it can (and can't) do. After years of anticipation, we finally know what the games look like, how uploading videos works and what it's like to play Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on the PS Vita. Welcome to the next generation.

But now that we have all these answers, it's time to look into the future and see what is next for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. Are big price cuts in our future? Will this be the final generation with physical media? How close are we to playing in the Holodeck? These are just a few of the questions we want to know.

To help predict the future, we interviewed three experts on the future. Up first is noted online psychic Zorba, who was nice enough to help us last year. We are also consulting a giant bag of fortune cookies. Our final expert is none other than Senator Rand Paul, who was more than happy to answer our stupid questions about next generation gaming. Hopefully this will shed some light on 2014 and beyond.

John Lennon
Fortune Cookie
Sen. Rand Paul
Sen. Rand

Will the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have major hardware problems?
"There's a good chance of that happening."
"Don't ask, don't say. Everything lies in silence."
"Houston, we have a problem."
Is this the final generation with physical media?
"Yes, this is the end of physical media, but I'm not sure."
"You will outdistance all your competitors."
"Here's looking at you, kid."
Will the Kinect ever have a chance to redeem itself?
"There's not enough information."
"You will step on the soil of many countries."
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
Will Sony release their own Oculus Rift-style headset?
"Does it really matter?"
"A thrilling time is in your immediate future."
"I'll be back."
Will Grand Theft Auto V come to PS4 and Xbox One in 2014?
"Yes, it could happen."
"Be mischievous and you will not be lonesome."
"I feel the need -- the need for speed!"
Is The Last Guardian truly dead?
"If it is, then I'll be surprised!"
"Hope is like food, you will starve without it."
Will the nickname "Xbone" stick?
"How should I know?"
"Anger begins with folly and ends with regret."
"There's no place like home."
Will Nintendo release a Wii U adapter that plays 3DS games?
"Why do you keep asking me that?"
"Those grapes you cannot taste are always sour."
"Well, nobody's perfect."
Will the Xbox One be able to go six months without a price cut?
"What do you mean by price cut?"
"As the purse is emptied the heart is filled."
"Show me the money!"
Is Sony set to release a more powerful Vita?
"It could be. Ask German Alice if it is."
"Take the chance while you still have the choice."
"You had me at 'hello.'"
Is this really the end of Microsoft's DRM shenanigans?
"I'm not completely sure."
"The time is right to make new friends."
"You can't handle the truth."
Can Rock Band stage a comeback in the next generation?
"Can what?"
"Something you lost will soon turn up."
"Go ahead, make my day."
Does the Wii U have a chance against the PS4 and Xbox One?
"It does now! The Wii me have a chance against PS4 and Xbox One."
"The gambler and the fisherman both have beginner's luck."
"What a dump."
Will TitanFall have the same impact as Call of Duty?
"Not enough information."
"A quiet evening with a friend is the best tonic for a long day."
"You're gonna need a bigger boat."
Will PlayStation 2 games ever come to the PS Vita?
"I think so."
"It takes more than good memory to have good memories."
"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a long friendship."
Will this be the generation that brings us Shenmue III?
"It could be, but I don't have access to that knowledge."
"May life throw you a pleasant curve."
"Say 'hello' to my little friend!"
Will companies continue to blur the lines between TV shows and games?
"I can't say for sure, so yes."
"Plan for many pleasures ahead."
"Elementary, my dear Watson."
Will Sony's cross-buy initiative make the PSN store competitive with Steam?
"Why do you think I would know that?"
"You will inherit some money or a small piece of land."
"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"
Will Street Fighter ever count to five?
"Probably not."
"The possibility of a career change is near."
"I'm the king of the world!"
Will the Wii U be Nintendo's final game console?
"I think so."
"Accept what comes to you each day."
"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
Is a Final Fantasy VII remake on the way?
"Not if I can help it!"
"Pray for what you want, but work for the things you need."
"My precious."
When will the next 'next generation' start?
"In your lifetime."
"Live each day well and wisely."
"Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain't heard nothin' yet!"
Is the next step the Holodeck?
"If it is, then I'll be very surprised."
"The best is yet to come."
"May the Force be with you."
For a comedy piece, did I ask too many questions?
"Is that among the best things you can say?"
"You will die alone and poorly dressed."
"Made it, Ma! Top of the world!"


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