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Fight The Future
Fighting The Ghost of Elvis
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on September 11, 2001   |   Episode 1 (Show Archive)  

Not a day goes by without some email or message asking me about the future of gaming. We here at Defunct Games talk about the past so much that it seems we never talk about the current, or future. But today that will change ... but only slightly.

You see, we have been keeping track of the upcoming war between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, and we have our own thoughts and opinions. But at Defunct Games we need something more than just well rounded opinions and fair assessments of the industry. No, we need PROOF! How much proof? Well, three expert predictions should do it.

So we set ourselves up with a list of vital questions that NEED to be answered, and then we got them answered with three "trustworthy" sources. First we went straight to the King ... No, not Michael Jackson or Howard Stern, but ELVIS!! Over at The Land of E.L.V.I.S. you to can get into a conversation with the master thespian. And then we consulted our trusty Magic Eight Ball (hey, it's never let me down before). And finally we wanted to get a spiritual outlook at the future of our gaming world. So, we found John Lennon, which you to can talk to over here, and we asked him the questions. John was a bit of a grouch. Regardless, what follows are the responses from our experts. (Oh, and make sure you check out our second edition, Fight the Future: the Brit, the Beattle, and the 8 Ball, which we posted several months later.)

Elvis Presley
Magic 8 Ball
John Lennon
8 Ball
Will the X Box over throw the Game Cube and PlayStation 2 this year?
I can't say for sure right now.
Without a Doubt
How should I know.
Will Metal Gear Solid 2 be the Biggest Selling game of 2001?
Good chance.
Concentrate, and Ask Again
Does it really matter.
Alright, Will Metal Gear Solid 2 be the Biggest Selling game of 2001?
Insufficient information
YES! Definitely.
Sure, sure. Someone just told me we should've taken Saturday Night Live's offer to reunite for $3,000?
Will Microsoft actually make money with the X Box this year?
Does it really matter.
It is Certain
It could happend
Will Sonic the Hedgehog be in Super Smash Brothers Melee?
Probably not.
Outlook not so good
Probably not
Will Defunct Games still be around in a year?
I think so.
Without a doubt!
It could happend
Will it still kick ass?
I can't say for sure right now.
Very Doubtful
Does it really matter.
Will People Pay to Play For Phantasy Star Online
Probably Not
My Reply is NO
I think so
Will Final Fantasy Appear on a Nintendo System?
Good chance
I cannot predict now
I can't say for sure right now
Is $500 Million Enough to Convince people to buy an X Box?
I think so. But ask John Lennon
Yes, Definitely
So who are you kidding? 24500 million enough to convince people to buy an x box
Will A.I. win Best Picture of the Year?
Good chance. You? "you"? win best picture of the year
Without a Doubt
Good chance
Will Freddy Got Fingered win Best Picture of the Year?
Better not tell you now
How should I know.
Can the market bare Three Major systems competing with each other?
Can what?
Without a Doubt
That's a very original thought Cyril .
Will the WonderSwan Color ever be released in the U.S.A.
Good chance.
Very Doubtful
I think so
A little off subject, does a system color constitute it's success?
Not too much, eh?
As I see it, YES!
You never can tell, you know.
Does the future of SNK look bright?
It does now : ) the future of snk look bright.
It is Decidedly so.
Most likely


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