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Is 'Gears of War' Racist?
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on July 07, 2008   |   Episode 73 (Show Archive)  


I have a hunch that this is one aspect of the game they won't expand on in the upcoming Gears of War movie!
I'm sure by now you've heard the shocking news that Resident Evil 5 is racist. That's right; Capcom's newest survival horror game is making news for all the wrong reasons. Apparently there are a few American citizens that object to the idea of a white guy running around Africa shooting black people. And you can see why, all it takes is one look at the brief trailer and you would think that this game is nothing more than Grand Theft Apartheid: Starring Mark Furman.

Of course, the people that are complaining about the game's racism have only seen two or three minutes of footage. That's not meant to excuse Resident Evil, there's a chance that the game may actually be the most racist game since Homie Rollerz. But how fair is it to accuse a game of something as heinous as racism without having played the game? Of course it's not fair, and even the loudest critics of the game would admit that there are a lot of unknowns about the story.

But at Defunct Games we're not above making a little controversy. I mean, if people are going to get riled up about racism in Resident Evil 5, then shouldn't they be equally up in arms about some of the other practices? I say if you're going to get angry about any game, then get angry about a game that is already out. You should get pissed off at the out and out racism that can be found in every single copy of Gears of War. Don't believe me? Check out this informative video below ...

So let me get this right, the only black guy in the game is named Cole. Okay, that's kind of racist on its own. There's absolutely nothing subtle about that. Why not just call the white guy Vanilla? But that's not even the worst part, the guy's sports nickname is "Cole Train". Get it? Like Coltrane?

Okay, so the pop culture reference probably flew over the heads of the brain dead Gears of War addicts. But John Coltrane is one of the most

If a white guy killing black zombies is racist, then so is "Cole Train"!
influential jazz musicians of the 20th century. He may not be as well known as Miles Davis or Fats Waller, but Coltrane is an important American figure.

His name also comes up from time to time as a racial slur, as is the case in both The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) and The Caveman's Valentine (2001). In the clip above Royal Tenenbaum (played by Gene Hackman) referred to Henry Sherman (Danny Glover) as "Coltrane," only to shy away from the insult when called on it. In Gears of War the white guy (Dominic Santiago) calls Augustus Cole "Cole Train" and is met with attitude. Heck, when we take it out of context like that it looks like Cole is about to lay the hurt down on the rest of the crew.

Alert Al Sharpton and go wake Jesse Jackson up, because clearly this out of context clip of Gears of War is racist. I mean it's not even subtle, all it takes you understanding that coal is black, Cole is black and John Coltrane is black. Oh, and you also need to know that it's a racial slur ... which I'm not even 100% sure about. Either way, this is totally racist, just like Resident Evil 5. So quit protesting Capcom's upcoming blockbuster and pay attention to the games that are already out. There's no reason that Gears of War should get a free pass just because half the game playing audience doesn't know who John Coltrane was.


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