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Rockstar Energy Drink is All the Rage
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on March 22, 2005   |   Episode 51 (Show Archive)  


Sometimes a very stoned person's tee shirt can says so much about somebody's energy drink!
We live in a high paced world, things have to get done immediately ... no matter what age you are. Busy people need a busy drink, something that gives them energy and makes them feel like they can take on the world. Unfortunately drunkenness at work and school is generally frowned upon, so soft drink makers have had to come up with something even more evil, something they like to call Energy Drinks.

One such energy drink is Rockstar, a product that combines the good taste of Taurine with the ingredient everybody is raving about, Carnitine, and combine it with six other things you've probably never heard of. That's right, Rockstar, the drink that's going to get you off your lazy ass and outside exercising for whatever stands in your way. It's Rockstar, the drink that makes you all jittery and talk too much, is finally here without all those annoying coming down effects. Rockstar, made from the best stuff on Earth. Be there!

But wait a second ... haven't I seen that logo before?? That's the logo for Namco's 1997 game Rage Racer! This sequel to Ridge Racer,

Nope, this story isn't about Rockstar Games, even though we probably could point out the similarity of the star!
one of the PlayStation's earliest hits, not only featured a number of new tracks and a brand new soundtrack, but also a unique logo that featured the two R's side by side, as if they were mirrored. This logo landed on the cover of every version of the game, no matter if it was released in Europe, the U.S., Japan, or Australia.

So what the heck is Rockstar Energy Drink doing ripping off this eight year old game? Oh sure, it wasn't the best racing game (especially after Gran Turismo came out), but why not let Namco's art department have a win with their cool little emblem? Or maybe I'm going about this all wrong, maybe Namco should be honored that Rockstar Energy Drink liked their logo enough to rip it off.

Rockstar won't make you popular. It won't make you taller. You won't be able to jump higher with this Energy Drink. And it's certainly not going to help your failed love life. The only thing Rockstar Energy Drink is going to teach you how to do is rip off artwork from old PlayStation games. Hmm, now that I mention it, that sounds like Sean "P. Diddy" Combs ... I guess it will teach you how to be a Rockstar after all!


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