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The Many Faces of the Predator
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on August 09, 2004   |   Episode 40 (Show Archive)  


After Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, the Predator finally found a diet that worked for him: the Atkins diet!
To your left you will see a picture of the Predator, one of the best-loved movie villains of all time. Not only was he invisible, but came with a myriad of cool gadgets and technology. All kinds of wacky alien weaponry, all of which he needed when going up against both the big guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the small guys, Danny Glover and Gary Busey.

We all know him, we all love him, but he hasn't been around recently. After the terrible sequel, and comic book series that pitted him against H.R. Giger's Alien, the Predator just wasn't around to take many of his calls. So imagine how surprised I was to find him in the Neo*Geo game 8-Man!

After doing a little catching up, we've come to realize that the Predator, originally played by Kevin Peter Hall, has been spending much of his time beating up on wannabe superheroes. Obviously in his new venture, he

He looks like the Hulk, has the armor of the Predator ... but attacks like Ryu from Street Fighter??
doesn't need as much armor or weaponry to dispose of his enemies. He still has the shoulder pads, the leg supports, but even the mask (to keep the ugliness under wrap), but he's missing much of his body armor.

Also, do to old age, the Predator has sever back pains, and must crouch while fighting. His fighting style, which once involved a lot of stealth assaults, has now been limited to jumping and swatting. But life hasn't been all tragedy for this mighty beast, in fact, he's honed a few new skills. To catch up with the fighting game craze, everybody's favorite invisible alien has picked up a Street Fighter-esque fireball.

While it might seem as if the Predator is down for the count, being limited to just one sequel and limited video game success, one can only hope the upcoming Alien vs. the Predator movie restores him to his original glory. Or at least gives us something else to talk about rather than 8-Man.

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