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CNN vs. the Mario Series
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 28, 2004   |   Episode 38 (Show Archive)  


It started out simple enough, a pre-E3 special on CNN's technology show, Next @ CNN. Chris Morris, a supposed video game expert, and the CNN E3 correspondent, was more than happy to talk about the upcoming Super Mario Kart, Sims sequel, and Madden update. But all of a sudden, completely out of the blue, things went desperately awry!

As you can tell by looking at the pictures above, the video ran a clip of some of the classic video games, including Super Mario Brothers 3. When asked how Super Mario has held up over the years, CNN's E3 correspondent, the game expert, the person that is going to E3 instead of you, had this to say ...

"He's held up pretty well, this is, uh, I believe this is Mario 64, to be honest I don't remember, it's been so long."
Now, I'm not asking too much when I want a "video game expert" to know the difference between the 8-Bit, and very 2D, Super Mario Brothers 3 and the 3D, groundbreaking, Super Mario 64. It would be like having a sports expert come on and confuse Michael Jordan for a Hockey player.

So here's my promise to you, the fans of Defunct Games: I plan on hunting down, and finding this video game expert Chris Morris! I will explain to him the difference between pixels, polygons, 8-bit, 64-bit, 3D, and 2D!! You can count on me to not rest until he has been taught a lesson.

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