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Samurai Shodown vs. Shinobi
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on May 17, 2004   |   Episode 36 (Show Archive)  


Ninja games are among the most exciting games on the planet. They are filled with characters that defy gravity, are cool under fire, and never let their guard down. In other words, a ninja is just about the perfect video game character.

Perhaps that's why the hype has been behind Shinobi, Sega's most recent title to capitalize on their older titles. Not only is it based on one of the best loved ninja games of all times, but also features a new character who animates unlike anything you've seen. His name is Hotsuma, and he accessorizes with a long red scarf (that is quite an effect, I might add).

But wait a second, doesn't he look a little familiar. In fact, doesn't he look exactly like Hanzo from the Samurai Shodown series? Sure, their stances are different, but the fashion style is dead on. Both have long, red scarves. They both wear a similar body suit. They both have a sword handy. And they both like cutting people (and animals) in half.

If you don't want to play Shinobi all the way through with Hanzo, er, Hotsuma, then fear not, you will be able to select the original Shinobi, Joe Musashi, in no time. All this does is make me yearn for a new Samurai Shodown.

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