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Freeze Frame
Grand Theft Auto III on the T.V.
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 19, 2004   |   Episode 35 (Show Archive)  


It's been a year since we first got our hands on Grand Theft Auto III. Who would have thought it would take the world by storm quite like it did? After all, only months earlier it seemed like Halo and Metal Gear Solid 2 were unstoppable forces in an industry gone awry. But out of nowhere came Grand Theft Auto III, and seemingly changed everything.

This month American gamers will have a choice between trick or treating, or venturing into the scummy underbelly of Vice City. But, before we go back to the 1980's, let's take a look at few of the many Freeze Frames found in Liberty City. For example, Take a look at Dylan McDermott (left) there next to Luigi. You don't have to be a viewer of David E. Kelly's the Practice (ABC) to know this heart throb. Between the movies and television, Dylan McDermott has kept himself out of trouble, well, at least the kind of trouble that Luigi finds himself in.

But the impersonators aren't just found in well-written court shows. Oh no. They can be found just sitting around in nature, too. Viewers of the popular CBS show Big Brother, will recognize school teacher Gerry (right). Not only did he find himself surviving the Big Brother 3 house for a good deal of the weeks, but he actually ended up losing quite a lot of weight in the process, of course, a peanut butter and jelly diet, and working out, is bound to help shed some of that fat.

El Burro, on the flipside, is NOT worried about his weight. But then, he's not all that interested in teaching children, either. But I can't help but notice a rather large similarity. Even though Gerry refuses to dye his beard/mustache combo, the facial hair is almost perfect, and they have the same ears. If that teaching thing doesn't work out, Gerry may have a roll waiting for him if they ever decide to make a Grand Theft Auto III movie.

Don't think we forgot about the ever-popular TV medical drama. This year ABC and CBS have brought their own medical dramas to the table. But no matter how many medical dramas are delivered, NBC's never ending ER is still on top of the ratings. ER has stayed fresh by adding new doctors, and staying topical. Among the new doctors on staff is Maura Tierney. A veteran of television, Maura can play both comedy and drama without batting an eye.

While Asuka hasn't had the television exposure, she can play people, and may even be a little funny, depending on how liberal your sense of humor is. Asuka also spends a lot more time of the day developing her "look", while Maura Tierney always looks tired and out of breath (in ER, at least). But put them on a level playing field, and ladies and gentlemen, I think we have twins separated at birth. Which just goes to show how television has truly become the worlds babysitter. I'd find more examples of this, but there's a Frasier rerun on, and I'm going to watch that instead.


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