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Freeze Frame
Music Industry vs. Twisted Metal Black
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 28, 2003   |   Episode 24 (Show Archive)  


I was watching the television today, trying to make some sense of the world around me, when I saw a commercials for the brand new Mighty Mighty Bostones album. Usually I wouldn't pay attention to the commercials, but this cover seemed to look oddly familiar to me. It looked a lot like the Richard D. James album by Aphex Twin. And then I thought about it, and realized that when I bought and reviewed Twisted Metal Black's cover I thought the same thing. I'm sure Aphex Twin didn't start this trend, but you can't deny that there's a certain likeness to the smile.

Alright, I confess, this article doesn't really have that much to do with the video game industry. It actually just seemed like a good time to talk about Aphex Twin. I figure that with MTV not doing much to promote him, Richard D. James needs a little help. Plus it gave me a reason, however gratuitous, to show the Windowlicker cover (the cover with bikink). If you're in for a surprise, and something truly unique, take a look at the Windowlicker website. And be sure to check out the Windowlicker cameo in a deleted scene on the High Fidelity DVD. Can we get this article any more off base? I didn't think so.

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