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Oni vs. Zombie Demon Death Match
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on January 30, 2002   |   Episode 10 (Show Archive)  


Synopsis: Greg's best friend and roommate, Jimmy (Seth Greene), would rather be with his new girlfriend, Chelsea, and her dog, than stay home and play video games. Greg is forced to play with himself, and then evade a killer dog. Sucks to be a foot tall.

First Offense: The game that Greg the Bunny is playing is CLEARLY the PlayStation2 game Oni. It's a small adventure game that takes an anime-style girl, and pits her against a corporation of baddies. The game is shown for about three solid seconds, and anybody who owned a PlayStation2 in its infancy should see that it's Oni, yet Greg refers to the game SEVERAL times as Zombie Demon Death Match.

Could it be a Legal Issue? You bet, but if that's the case, then why not pick a Fox Interactive game? Something they own, and can advertise all at the same time? There are a few next generation titles worth pitching, including the Simpson's Road Rage, Die Hard, Buffy, Croc, or even No One Lives for Ever. I'm not one who likes advertising in his TV shows, but I'd rather see new screens of Buffy for the Xbox than Oni masquerading as Zombie Demon Death Match.

Second Offense: The girl that enters the scene and emasculates Jimmy says something I wish would be stricken from the universe. Here is a portion of the script ...

Greg the Bunny: man would you stop cleaning, sit down, and start playing already, I'm getting seriously overrun by demons here.
Jimmy: Chelsea's here ...
Greg the Bunny: Hey Chels, you wanna try your hand at a little Zombie Demon Death Match
Chelsea: I hate video games
Greg the Bunny: Ah, alright. Good bye then ...

When Reality Hits: There aren't too many zombies in Oni. There aren't a lot of Demons in Oni. And I certainly don't remember a Death Match. And besides, with a title like Zombie Demon Death Match, are they saying that there are Zombie AND Demons? Or are they both zombies and demons? Doesn't seem like you could have it both ways, though. And why oh why would there be a death match involved?

Answer: Because the people that write Greg the Bunny don't actually PLAY video games.

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