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On Running Feuds
The Great RPG Wars!
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on July 04, 2001   |   Episode 5 (Show Archive)  

Working Designs vs. Sega vs Working Designs goes to Sony
What would you do if you were a game company, like Working Designs, who had always been extremely loyal to one company, say Sega, even though financially it may have been better to go with other companies. What would you do if you had always supported a dying system, the Sega CD, with top notch, hugely appealing, well selling Role Playing Games ... something Sega had completely forgetten about when they announced "American" games for the Sega CD. Now what would you do if you were that company, and instead of getting the credit you deserve, you get pushed to the very back of Sega's booth at E3.

This is exactly the dilemma Working Designs, one of Sega's most loyal companies, was faced with at the E3 several years ago. And like most people, Working Designs didn't get mad ... they got even. Releasing both Lunar's (based off of the top selling Sega CD games) for the PlayStation was a start, but the body of work really speaks for itself. Since that E3 Working Designs has yet to work for Sega again.

Square vs. Nintendo
Square goes to Sony
Throughout the 80's and the early part of the 90's Nintendo and Square were nearly the same company. Heck, many experts predicted Nintendo to win the 32/64 bit war based on the previous support by Square.

As fates would have it, though, Nintendo came up a little short in several departments important to Square. Nintendo's stuborness to stick with large, bulky, low memory carts, when the industry was clearly for CD (regardless of the loading time). Square, who ultimately wanted to move towards the "cinema" aspect of Final Fantasy, just wasn't able to fulfill its visions with Nintendo, or a cart.

More importantly, however, is that Sony offers Square the ability to make movies, the goal of Square's from the very early days of video games. And with Sony, or more importantly Columbia/Tristar, Square can finally see out the creation of a movie empire. Even as big as Nintendo is, they are reduced to low budget companies (Donkey Kong Counrty home videos), or shameless movies (Super Mario Bros. anybody?).

Square vs. Nintendo Part 2
Square Stays With Sony
Days ago, and only days after Square's big announcement, Nintendo sticks their foot in their mouth, and goes where no company dares to go Square announced the forthcoming release of games on Nintendo's Game Boy Advanced. However, Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi later (01.29.01) and announced that they have ZERO interest working with Square, and "[Square] can say whatever they want, but we have no intention of signing a contract, and there's little chance of one being signed in the future."

This is likely because Square only wanted to release Game Boy Advanced games, and not Game Cube. Square seems dead set on not abandoning Sony. This is surely something Nintendo doesn't like, and coupled with the past, it's no wonder there are some hard feelings.


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