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Ryo or Kyo - Who is the The King of Fighters?
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 01, 2001   |   Episode 3 (Show Archive)  

It's been ten years since Ryo and King first stepped into the ring (er, high rise, as the case may be) to duke it out. Nobody knew that that fight would be retread so many times. There aren't too many games that Ryo and King aren't in together, and every time they seem to be angrier and angrier. But the question is, after ten years, do these two fighters really look any better? See for yourself! -Cyril Lachel ART OF FIGHTING Both King and Ryo first appeared in Art of Fighting, one of SNK's earliest fighting games. Art of Fighting stressed more on the story aspects, rather than the fighting and action. ART OF FIGHTING 2 For a sequel, SNK let Ryo and King choose between different clothing before kicking ass. The picture paints the image that the graphcis weren't improved greatly over the original. KING OF FIGHTERS 94 After taking a breif vacation from Art of Fighting 3, King is back and ready with new moves. Of course, as you cand tell, SNK gave both characters a entirely new look. However, out are the close ups. KING OF FIGHTERS 95 And we're back, only twelve months after the original, with more characters, and faster game play. However, very little has changed, and one starts to wonder if it was a good idea to bring out the sequel so quickly. As you can tell the graphics are extremely similar to the 94 edition. KING OF FIGHTERS 96 And SNK's answer to the complaints about the battle in their 95 edition: Let's give everybody a new stance. Actually, everything feels just a little tighter in this version. And you must admit, Ryo and King have never looked sharper than they do here. And the backgrounds are just breathe taking. KING OF FIGHTERS 97 Slightly sharper graphics, new characters ... what a let down. The new stances are still here, and I like the new back grounds, but nothing else seems to have changed much. The battle rages on. KING OF FIGHTERS 98 Between this, and later versions, people complain that little actually changes between years, but by now everybody should have realized that these games are meant for the arcade, and not the home market. Except for some characters, nothing graphically has changed. What a shame.


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