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Mr. Big's Other Career
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 26, 2002   |   Episode 13 (Show Archive)  


Knowing you you're probably a big fan of the 80s pop band Mr. Big. Knowing who you are you probably dance about like a kid on those old 'Peanuts' cartoons. You get down when you hear hits like "Ain't Seen

Love Like That", "The Whole World's Gonna Know", "Trapped In Toyland", "C. D. F. F.--Lucky This Time", and "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy". What's funny, though, is that Mr. Big the band was featured on Sega's THE COLOR OF MODER ROCK pack in CD with their Sega CD. The CD featured other bands like Too Much Joy, T-Ride, The Belltower, Xtra Large, and Dramarama ... it's sure nice to see these band before they got big.

And Mr. Big the fighter's no honor student, either. He's ripped from the pages of just about every video game based off of Final Fight! In fact, it would take too long to announce every game that "Mr. Big" has appeared in. Generic Generic Generic. Read on.

Mr. Big (Fighter)
WHO IS IT? Mr. Big the King of Fighters Character is among the most generic of the bosses. Mr. Big looks surprisingly similar to other Mr. Big's in video game lore. WHY DO I CARE ABOUT THIS GUY? Well, he has a couple of batons ready to help you care! Plus, are you ready to go against the powerful Company X? Hmm ... maybe you really shouldn't care about this guy. IS HE BETTER THAN HIS SINGING COUNTERPART? Well, not exactly. He's strong and confident, but lacks any originality. Hmm, now that I think of it maybe they are more equal than I thought.

Mr. Big (Band)
WHO IS IT? The 80s rock group who had one or two hits ... though, I can't think of any off the top of my head. They faded into obscurity with their generic sound, and dull boring look. WHAT KING OF MUSIC WAS IT? Mostly hair rock. However, as you can tell by the picture above not all have kept their big hair. They hit during the era of Winger, and died during the era of Nirvana. Of course, some argue that they have never gone away and are still as relevant as they used to be (were they EVER relevant?) WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT? Well, there are four Mr. Big band members ... and there is only one Mr. Big (unless you consider every other side scrolling fighter with a boss named that). I would put my money on the fighter, though, as he's not a boss for nothing! The real question should be: Will anybody care?


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