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When one Rampage Isn't Enough
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on November 02, 2001   |   Episode 10 (Show Archive)  

Even though Rampage has been an arcade game for many many years. Even before it was an arcade game it was a horror film. That's right. A horror film!! No, it's not a film about big monsters tearing a city apart ... instead it's about a guy who drinks blood. Dracula? Close, but no cigar. This killer is all human, and getting the death penalty. Whoa ... sorry, I was dizzy for a minute. Now on with the show ...

Rampage (Game)
What could be cooler than big creatures dead set on destroying entire cities at a time? Well, a better playing game would be cooler. One that featured better control, perhaps more moves, a few more characters to beat up ... and so on so forth. Let's face it, Rampage the game isn't a token of what gaming is about. Whoa, how biased are you? Well, come back to me when you've played over a hundred levels of Rampage. After the first five you are ready for another game ... something with a little more variety. Is it better than the movie? Not by a long shot. Rampage the movie is a little cheesy, but it has some damn disturbing scenes. And I mean, it's worth it anytime you can see somebody drinking blood! Even Night Trap? Well, I don't think they actually drank the blood in Night Trap!

Rampage (Movie)
Rampage, that sure sounds exciting. What's that all about? Well, it's about a real bad ass who goes to prison for murder. But here's the kicker, he drinks his victims blood. Y'know, like Hannibal Lector likes the flesh. Well, anyway, he ends up escaping, and guess what? He starts to kill again. Wow. That sounds dramatic. Is it as good as it sounds? Not really. But it is helmed by the director of the Exorcist. That's right, William Friedkin. I know that sounds impressive, but let me remind you that he also directed To Live and Die in L.A., Cruising, Blue Chips, and Rules of Engagement. I thought hat would bat you down to reality. Hmm. I still don't know, did it win any awards? Are you kidding? Well, perhaps I am being a little harsh. It was up for the Critics award at Deauville Film Festival. But hey, it was up against Young Guns. Patti Rocks was the winner when it came down to it. But hey, who's heard of Patti Rocks now?


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