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E3 2006
E3 Hands On: The Eye of Judgment (PS3)
By Patrick O'Connor     |   Posted on May 11, 2006   |   Episode 15 (Show Archive)  


The artwork is as good as the game!
You know, I'm not a big card fighting fan; I've played a bit of magic and Yu-gi-oh with some friends when I was younger. Can't say I was really drawn into that type of crowd. I'm also not a big supporter of Sony's EyeToy attachment for the PlayStation 2, I think the idea of it is pushing and will push technology forward to what will eventually become the PS9 as seen in the PS2 commercial. Today I played a game that made me rethink my opinion of the EyeToy and card fighting games in general. I got a chance to get my hands on a game that I had only seen the day previous in the Sony Press Conference, The Eye of Judgment.

The Eye of Judgment uses the EyeToy in a whole new way! You start the game by selecting if you are fighting alone, a friend, or the computer it's self. When you finally select your type of game, you are given a mana amount, just like in a real card game; you can tap cards into play, and combine them to create special attacks and creatures. Now when I say that you tap cards into play, I mean REAL cards, like the type you can shuffle in your hands! The effects on the screen of your monster activating are simply put as impressive and never seen before. To attack you swipe you hand over the card, in a direction to make the monster lung and attack the enemy.

Best looking/innovative EyeToy product to date.
We were only allowed a short time with the game, and thus could not really dive too much in depth with the product, but were able to ask some questions later on with the Sony Representative. We were informed that the deck will come with an uncertain amount of cards, but up to 100 can be obtained through add-on purchases. We also asked if the device being used was the EyeToy, they could not confirm, they also could not confirm if it came with the camera or not, or even with the board, in fact... they set us up with probably the most uninformed person there.

Overall, we didn't get any of our questions answered, and didn't get any exclusive information. We did however get to play the game and experience it first hand, which I guess is enough until tomorrow, when I hunt down someone that can say yes to something!

But How Good Is it? From my short time with it, I would say yes! The game was unique and "innovative"; it adds a whole new dynamic to the EyeToy capabilities and pushes us more towards the future of motion and gaming becoming one.


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