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E3 2006
The Wheelman is a Real Man!
By Patrick O'Connor     |   Posted on May 09, 2006   |   Episode 10 (Show Archive)  


Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing The New Sylvester Stallone!
Please help me introduce a man who needs no introduction! This is a man who has swept the nation with his unique voice, he stunning acting in such films as Pitch Black, xXx, and The Fast and the Furious! His voice acting was a keystone to The Chronicles of Riddick video game; which is a million times better then the movie, and will soon be appearing in a video game only role in the upcoming spectacular game from Midway, the Wheelman!

So, you have probably guessed by now that I am talking about Vin Diesel, and no, we didn't get an interview if you think that is what this is! So for the rest of you still reading this after that sad news, I welcome you to read my initial reactions to The Wheelman, a game being put out by Midway that offers an EXCELLENT trailer that was shown on the LIMITED show floor of E3 today.

The trailer starts out with a scantly clad girl walking out from a bar of some sort, and pulling out a cigarette to smoke, As she puts the cigarette into her mouth, a man runs by her and jumps into a speedy looking red sports car. At this point in the trailer, you do not see the driver, but you hear the distinctive voice of Vin Desiel as for cash, the man stresses that he has it and they need to go now. The camera then switches to some men coming up behind the car, the man insists that they go, the wheelman insists on getting cash, it is then delivered out of a suitcase full of cash. At this point the men coming up behind the car have started to shoot at the car that is still parked in place. This scene reminded me a lot of the opening sequence to The Transporter.

The wheelman starts to complain about his car being shot up and the mirror being destroyed, all while still not driving away, the passenger assures that he will get him a new car, at this point the wheelman floors it! As you see the car fly by with the spectacular next-gen graphics to boot, you are just captured in the moment. A motorcycle then takes chase and provides for quite an exciting race, the motorcycle is eventually hit into a car that then causes an explosion which sends the car flying high in the air and towards the wheelman's car, you then realize that the alley they are taking is blocked by a gasoline tanker! In an unexpected and quite hair raising unrealistic turn of events, the wheelman ducks down while putting the passengers head down, and drives under the tanker while turning he car into a convertible. The flying car then hits the tanker and makes everything explode! The passenger gets out and yells about how crazy the wheelman is, and of course accidentally leaves his "package" behind. The camera then shows Vin Diesels faces and cuts to the title sequence introducing what the game is and who is in it. Simply put, I can't wait to wake up tomorrow, get in early and play this bad boy to get the full scoop on it. Finally, something REALLY work drawing my attention to the Midway booth.


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