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Escape From Who Wants to be a Millionaire!
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on July 10, 2001   |   Episode 4 (Show Archive)  

A lot has changed since the last time we featured an episode of the Cover Critic. Both Sony and Nintendo have released new portable game systems, long time companies have shut their doors forever, and the world has been reintroduced to a certain lawyer named Jack Thompson. Heck, even this site you're looking at has changed in many ways. So maybe it's time we take another serious look at video game covers, letting you know which ones we like and which we hate. After two years I invite you to embrace a brand new Cover Critic, one that isn't afraidto tell you what we really think. So enjoy five new covers and one new look!

Escape from Monkey Island
This is exactly the type of cover a classic series like Monkey Island deserves. It's a nicely drawn picture of exploration, yet has a nice "old school" look to it as well. This is a nice example of simplicity, and the words at the bottom bring back memories of great old movies. If only the game was as good as this cover is.

Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword
I don't suppose you saw the Over Exposed O Meter? Lara is back in this Game Boy Color game, did you miss her? This cover is classic Tomb Raider, and, thankfully, doesn't resemble the movie at all. But I'm a little sick of seeing Lara's face everywhere, and there's way too much writing covering this box. Not worth the cardboard it's printed on.

Final Fantasy Chronicles
Final Fantasy is one of my favorite franchises, and the ability to get both Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger in one package is real tempting. But here's the thing, this cover has to go. It's split in half, with the top being a straight horizontal stip of game pictures and the name Final Fantasy IV. The bottom half, the Crono Trigger half, has a nice bendy look to it, but still features game pictures. This cover is just plain dull!!

Soldier of Fortune
This picture is simple, I'll give it that. But it's not interesting at all, either. The cover of Soldier of Fortune is so dull, in fact, that it's hard to even come up with words to explain how dull it is. Hmm ... how about this: Dull!!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Vol. 3
The worst cover of a video game yet!! I don't want to see Regis Philbin jumping towards me. This cover simply makes me defensive, and I don't like being defensive. Look at all that money on the cover. It's almost enough to pay for Regis to shoot that dumb cover photo. Lame lame lame!!



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