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Back from E3 with a Smile and a little Bitterness!!
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 02, 2002   |   Episode 35 (Show Archive)  

A lot has changed since the last time we featured an episode of the Cover Critic. Both Sony and Nintendo have released new portable game systems, long time companies have shut their doors forever, and the world has been reintroduced to a certain lawyer named Jack Thompson. Heck, even this site you're looking at has changed in many ways. So maybe it's time we take another serious look at video game covers, letting you know which ones we like and which we hate. After two years I invite you to embrace a brand new Cover Critic, one that isn't afraidto tell you what we really think. So enjoy five new covers and one new look!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
What do you mean it's too early to give this cover an A? I think this, like last years Grand Theft Auto III, is in the running for cover of the year. This cover certainly has a nicer, more "beach" friendly look to it. After all, it features more than a few vehicles that will hopefully be able to be stolen (including a helicopter, a motorcycle, and speed boat). But do you see the girl in a bikini? I don't know about you, but as much fun as having sex with prostitutes is in GTA 3, you have to admit they weren't very attractive. Could these bikini clad girls be the next health refiller? This is the kind of cover I embrace, even if the game ends up being a total dog. But how could it be? This cover rocks, just plain and simple, this is the best cover so far this year.

Metroid Prime
This isn't a scan of the cover, it's actually just a picture I took of the box at E3, but you know, I think this cover is still pretty damn good. It's a simple picture of Samus standing there, ready for some action. Problem is the action Samus is about to get into just can't be measured on a box cover. And this is why Nintendo would be smart to NOT attempt showing action on the cover. I really like this cover, and the only thing I think could help it is the addition of an enemy or something sneaking up on our hero. One question though, don't you think it takes a little too much upper body strength to keep that suit on? Seems like it would really hurt your back after a few years of this. I also really like the design of the logo. That logo behind the name, Metroid Prime, really looks nice, too. There's not much I don't like about this cover, and can't wait to get my grubby hands on this game.

Medal of Honor: Frontline
You've seen the Saving Private Ryan cover? You've seen the Thin Red Line cover?? Well, Medal of Honor Frontline enters the long list of great covers based on World War II-lore. It's no surprise that this Medal of Honor does a good job of ripping off just about every World War II movie cliche known to man. And this cover is no surprise, either. I really like the way the EA Games logo plays against the top of the package, and the action going on within the art is fantastic, too. This is the type of cover that makes you look at the back to see if it really can look THAT GOOD while you're playing it. Thanks to endless amounts of media about World War II over the last five years I find it rather refreshing to see a cover like this, one that actually does a good job of giving us a new take on the war to end all wars. The picture doesn't do it justice, the game really shines while in your own hands. Check it out the next time you're at your favorite game store.

Britney's Dance Beat
Oh my. I hate to admit this in public, but I kind of like this cover. I don't usually find Britney attractive, and I usually find her style to be ghastly. But you know, I really like her look here. I can't really see her face, I like the dress, and the game looks really really fun. Heck, if I were a thirteen your old girl I would have already bought a PlayStation 2 for this game. Well, anyway, getting back to the cover. I like the color, I like the way it looks, and frankly, it's better looking than any of miss Spears' CD covers. Some might think this is a bad picture of the reigning under-20 diva, but I think this is the best she's ever looked.

Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix
This Dance Dance Revolution game was playable at E3, even had a contest (check out this picture if you don't believe me). But you know what? After walking around and playing games all day, the LAST thing I want to do is dance. Now, there may be people who can dance even when their feet and backs are in pain, but that's not me. But then, I don't like to dance even when my feet and back AREN'T hurting, so, what am I to say? Regardless, I don't think E3 was the best place for a dance contest. You didn't see marathons outside the event, did you? Exactly.



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