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Cubixx HD Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Cubixx HD shows Taito how to make the next generation in Qix. While not an original concept, Laughing Jackal adds a lot of fresh ideas to this fast-paced action game. Just like the old school arcade games that inspired it, Cubixx HD is easy to pick up and impossible to put down. Rating: 78%
Cubixx HD
Cubixx HD Cubixx HD Cubixx HD Cubixx HD
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You never really know how well a game is going to hold up at the time. Innovations that feel fresh one minute are quickly outdated the next, thanks to an endless supply of clones that improve on the formula. But some games just feel like they're going to be timeless. That was the case back in 2010 when I reviewed Cubixx on Sony's PlayStation Portable. With its simple premise and addictive gameplay, I had a hunch this action/puzzler would age well. Here we are six years later and I can confidently say I was right.

To be fair, it wasn't hard to predict Cubixx would withstand the test of time. Although updated for the 21st century, this game bears a striking resemblance to the arcade classic Qix. Much like the Taito game, the goal is to uncover the background by drawing lines from wall to wall, all while avoiding sparks and weird flying creatures.

Cubixx HD takes the familiar concept and wraps it around a six-sided cube. Instead of erasing parts of a simple 2D wall, you're suddenly forced to deal with a fully 3D object. While the game may be the same, this twist makes a huge difference when it comes to how you tackle the job. It's now possible to create score multipliers by continuing a line from one side of the cube to the next, opening up huge opportunities for massive point chains.

The rules remain the same -- if a flying creature hits your line before you erase the section, then you die. You'll also discover that there are sparks that travel the sides of the walls, clouds of smoke that will slow our hero down and other simple baddies. It's easy when there are just a few enemies flying around, but the action gets ratcheted up the further into the campaign you get.

The traditional arcade mode offers fifty stages to conquer, with checkpoints set up after every five levels. This is just one of the several modes packed into this HD upgrade. There are an additional 50 challenge stages to complete, each with their own objectives. There's also a lengthy time trial mode, score attack and even a multiplayer death match mode that supports up to 7 people. Not all of these are as compelling as the traditional arcade mode, but it's nice to see the developers bring a lot of variety to such a simple concept.

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The visuals are a big step up from the PSP original, but are starting to look a little dated. While the backgrounds used different shapes and change color, they aren't much to look at. The cube itself looks good, but it doesn't change much over the course of the game. I would love to see a proper sequel that uses different shapes or shakes the gameplay up a bit.

The good news is that the gameplay holds up. The action is always moving and the controls are quick and responsive. I'll go into a match thinking it will only last a few minutes, only to lose an hour trying to beat my high score. Just like the old school arcade games that inspired it, Cubixx HD is easy to pick up and impossible to put down. Now it's time to bring on a proper sequel.
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