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Bloxiq Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Fans of the Rubik's Cube rejoice, because Bloxiq is the puzzle game you've been waiting for. Players attempt to match colors and complete challenges in order to progress through the increasingly difficult stages. Unfortunately, the game gives players little help when they're stuck and there's no way to skip especially difficult stages. If you can overlook these issues, Bloxiq is a charming puzzler that is a perfect fit on the PS Vita. Rating: 71%
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If we're being completely honest, I've never been especially good at solving complicated math problems in my head. I'm also no good at waking up early, guessing people's age and keeping up with the newest pop culture trends. But of the many aspects of my life I fail at, it's my inability to wrap my brain around the Rubik's Cube that gives me the most frustration. It seems so simple, yet it always ends in heartbreak. But thanks to Bloxiq on the PS Vita, I may finally have the skills it takes to conquer that dastardly cube once and for all.

Like so many modern puzzle games, Bloxiq sees players matching colors to complete increasingly complicated stages. The idea is to rotate the various parts of the faux-Rubik's Cube in order to connect at least four of the same color and make them disappear. Sometimes there will be a cube inside the cube, which adds a whole new layer of complication to what should be a simple task.

It won't take long for Bloxiq to add a few new wrinkles to theme. It starts out simple enough, with timed stages that only let you make so many moves before it's game over. Then it's off to the next stage, where you'll be asked to match two colors at the same time. In yet another stage, the puzzle will demand players create chain matches. By the time the 100 levels are up, you will have dealt with bomb cubes, multicubes and even locked columns. Bloxiq throws everything it has at you.

This curious puzzler comes to us from Blot Interactive, a Toronto-based company best known for their work on mobile phones. This history comes through loud and clear with Bloxiq, a game that would easily fit on iOS or Android devices. With the exception of holding the shoulder buttons to lock the cube in place and make moves, the game is controlled almost exclusively with the touchscreen. This works well and makes the game feel natural.

When it comes to execution, Bloxiq is air-tight. It handles well, looks good, and I like the variety of puzzles. When push comes to shove, there's very little about the core mechanics I would change. Unfortunately, that does not extend to the level progression. As somebody who is naturally bad at the Rubik's Cube, I found myself constantly getting hung up by what appeared to be simple stages.

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Don't get me wrong, I enjoy challenging puzzle games and love the satisfied feeling that comes from finally working out the solution, but Bloxiq left me stranded. Getting stuck on a stage brings the entire momentum to a grinding halt. There's no hint button to help point the player in the right direction, something that is desperately needed in this type of puzzler.

It's also a shame you aren't able to skip the stage you're stuck on. This is especially confusing since the seven different areas appear to be on a map. It seems like you should be able to move about the levels at will, but instead you're stuck on a linear path. You are unable to progress until you've finished every puzzle in the correct order. This meant that I was forced to replay the same puzzle over and over until I finally figured it out. By that point I had already checked out of this game.

These problems are a real shame, as Bloxiq is a well-executed puzzle game with a fantastic concept. There's a nice variety of challenges and it will take a lot of hours to finish all 100 stages. Despite a few missteps, Bloxiq is a worthwhile new addition to the PS Vita's library.
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