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LocoRoco Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . While LocoRoco is guilty of being overly upbeat and adorable, it's also guilty of being a solid 2D platformer that is a welcome addition to any PSP library. Rating: 71%
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In all the years I have been playing video games I have never run into a game that is more adorable than LocoRoco. This is the type of game you just want to hug and never let go of. With its cute graphics, cheery music and lovable characters, LocoRoco is the closest you will ever get to video game Prozac. It has its flaws, but of all the games I have played over the past few years, this is one of the hardest to be critical of.

LocoRoco is an extremely simple 2D platformer for Sony's PlayStation Portable. While a lot of games in the genre go for complex designs and a variety of tasks, LocoRoco does one thing and one thing only. The good news is that the one thing LocoRoco does is a lot of fun, and even though the game is far from challenging, it is the type of game you will want to go back to time and time again.

Unlike most platformers, in LocoRoco you do not actually control the main character. Instead you tilt the world around your character (which is known as a LocoRoco) by using the L and R shoulder buttons. If you push both of the shoulder buttons together you will make your LocoRoco bounce, and pushing the "O" button sends a lightning bolt down from the heavens to split your blob-like character up into little pieces. You can also hold the "O" button to turn your smaller pieces into one large character. That is the extent of the controls in this game. It's the type of game that will take absolutely no time to learn how to play, and the rest is just good-natured fun.

Your goal in LocoRoco is not uncommon to the genre. You spend most of your time navigating your character from left to right trying to eat as much fruit as you can. Each level features 20 berries to find, and every time you find one it creates a new LocoRoco blob that ultimately makes your character larger. By the time you have chomped down on all 20 berries your character will be quite large, making it unable to fit through smaller passage ways.

Part of the reason that LocoRoco is so uplifting is because your character (or characters, if you have them broken up into smaller blobs) is always singing. The songs in LocoRoco are so cheerful that they can almost make you physically ill. You watch as their little mouths sing along and bring happiness to the rest of the world. There are even moments where you can manipulate the level by singing your songs to the sleeping flowers and platforms, something that should bring a smile to both their face and yours. Simple words cannot express how adorable all of this is, it's all of the small details that make this game so much fun to look at. If you aren't happy after paying LocoRoco then perhaps you need to up the amount of times you see your therapist each week.

While it's easy to compare this game to classic 2D like Super Mario Bros. or Earthworm Jim, LocoRoco has the most in common with the original Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. Both games feature extremely simple level designs that practically dare you to rush through them as fast as you possibly can. LocoRoco is a throwback to a much simpler time, a time when all games required you to go from left to right dodging enemies and collecting stuff. If you're the type of gamers that has fond memories of that era, then LocoRoco may just be what the doctor ordered. Everybody else may be left scratching their heads wondering what was so appealing about these 2D platformers in the first place.
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