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OMG Zombies! Reviewed by Josh Dollins on . Based on one of the best PSP games ever made, OMG HD Zombies is yet another stellar update for Sony's PS Vita. This HD upgrade offers new stages, enemy types and improved visuals. You'll also find intuitive touch controls and a bunch of new endings. And did I mention that all this is only $4.99? Regardless of whether you own the original or are discovering the series for the first time, OMG HD Zombies is a must-buy! Rating: 78%
OMG Zombies!
OMG Zombies! OMG Zombies! OMG Zombies! OMG Zombies!
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OMG HD Zombies! is an excellent re-imagining of a genuine classic: The critically acclaimed OMG-Z, one of the better PSP games out there. It has since gone on to see release on the PS Vita and now, at long last, the personal computer.

OMG HD Zombies gets the HD treatment here with redrawn graphics, more gore, brand new levels, more upgrades and more. The illustrations of the various endings are stunning.

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Armed with nothing more than a sniper rifle, you play a lone cop who seems to be the last man standing after the zombie outbreak. Your mission? Succeed where all others failed; rid the streets of eight differing strains of bloodthirsty zombies and stop impending armageddon!

For those who missed out on the 2011 original, OMG HD Zombies is one of the few games to combines the mayhem of the walking dead with the explosive fun of chain reactions. It actually has a very simple premise, which involves an armed survivor attempting to kill an army of meandering zombies with only a few bullets. But don't worry, because in this game our hero is always safely perched high above the brain-devouring masses. This is definitely not your typical horror game.

How do you kill one hundred smelly zombies with only three bullets? In the case of OMG HD Zombies, it all comes down to choosing your targets wisely. There are eight different types of undead characters to shoot at, each with a slightly different dying move. For example, the zombie cop shoots straight forward, killing whatever is standing directly in front of him. There's a bloated zombie who explodes the moment your bullet spikes his flabby exterior. And don't forget about the bilous zombie, which bursts into a pool of acid when killed.

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Each of these zombie types is specifically designed to trigger a chain reaction, allowing the player to take out dozens of walkers with a single, well-placed shot. This shot may also include flaming barrels, which are occasionally scattered randomly throughout the stages. With a little skill and a whole lot of luck, it's possible to safely wipe out every zombie with a single shot.

But here's the real question: Is it fun to play? Why yes it is indeed. With some of the new zombies added since the original, I find that chain kills can be difficult to plan since those mortar wielders are so damn frustrating. If you can get past the frustration/challenge though there is some serious zombie slaying fun to be had here.

Old school fans will enjoy trying to beat their high scores. OMG HD Zombies is well worth your time, assuming you haven't played the game on the PS Vita or PSP. Do yourself a favor and get it on whatever platform you can.
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