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TTY GFX ADVNTR Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Want to enjoy an epic role-playing game but don't have 40 hours to burn? Then perhaps you should try TTY GFX ADVNTR, a straight-to-the-point RPG that can be finished in less than a half hour. The repetitive progression and lack of story hurt an otherwise interesting throwback to the BBS DOOR games of the mid-1990s. Rating: 50%
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It's the middle of February and I find myself in a weird position. I just finished reviewing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and am only days away from ripping into two more lengthy RPGs -- Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. With so much time-exhausting questing in my future, I don't dare start another lengthy role-playing game. That's where TTY GFX ADVNTR comes in.

While many adventure games offer epic quests that take dozens of hours to crack, I was able to blow through TTY GFX ADVNTR in a couple dozen minutes. Developed by Levi Smith, this Xbox Live Indie Game is a throwback to the BBS DOOR games of the mid-1990s. In that sense, it's a fully-realized homage that will bring back good memories to a small niche of gamers. Unfortunately, I found it a little too simple for its own good.

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We begin our adventure in a small town, where we are able to check in at the local inn or buy equipment at the blacksmith. The first big challenge is to take on the small enemies found in the meadows. We do this by choosing to "explore" the area, getting into simple turn-based battles. Kill enough snakes and wild dogs and you'll level up the character and earn enough money to buy the hatchet, opening the nearby forests.

This is the progression for all of the stages. In the forest we kill enemies to earn money for the candle, which lights the ghost-filled caves. Before long we're investigating the desert and battling a giant dragon in the castle. Each new area comes with its own set of enemies to kill and items to buy, and you better watch out for that crabby old witch who puts you to sleep and takes your money.

With only six items to buy at the blacksmith's shop, it won't take long to collect everything. Buying a powerful sword makes the game too easy, to the point where I could turn my head away from the TV for long stretches of time. I never felt like my life was in danger, and I only refilled my health at the local inn twice. It was too easy to mash the "A" button, earning limitless amounts of money and experience.

TTY GFX ADVNTR (Xbox Live Indie Games)Click For the Full Picture Archive

Despite enjoying the visual style and simplicity of the navigation, I never felt connected with the world of TTY GFX ADVNTR. Part of the reason is the lack of story. We're given only a small paragraph at the beginning, and after that it's up to you to fill in the blanks. Perhaps this was done on purpose, but I found myself tuning out long before the final encounter with the giant dragon. I would have been more willing to overlook the repetitive progression if there was a stronger narrative to hang on to.

On the other hand, TTY GFX ADVNTR is available for only one dollar. As a throwback piece, this second game from Levi Smith may be worth your time. This feels like the start of an interesting game, but is over before it even begins to tell a story.
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