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Worms Revolution Extreme Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Not the iteration I would have gone with, but it's nice to see Worms make its debut on the PS Vita. Although it adds new weapons and locations, this updated port is still an ugly mess. With depressing levels and questionable gameplay tweaks, Worms Revolution Extreme still leaves me cold! Rating: 57%
Worms Revolution Extreme
Worms Revolution Extreme Worms Revolution Extreme Worms Revolution Extreme Worms Revolution Extreme
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When it was first released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Worms Revolution left me a little cold. Despite being a life-long fan of the series, I wasn't keen on a number of the changes made to the core mechanics. Now Team 17's newest Worms iteration is hitting the PS Vita, complete with touchscreen support and all three DLC packs included. It's still not a great game, but Worms Revolution Extreme is the best version yet.

With nearly twenty different incarnations over dozens of game systems, Worms is one of the most prolific party games of all time. It mixes accessible turn-based combat with adorable cartoon characters, creating an endearing multiplayer experience that not even Bomberman could touch.

Worms Revolution Extreme (PS Vita)

But as I play Worms Revolution Extreme, I find myself starting to resent this series I loved so much. Playing this perfectly good, but mostly unspectacular PS Vita release just reminded me of how many incarnations there have been since 1995. Worse, I think about the toll it has taken on Team 17. In the past ten years, this UK-based developer has only strayed away from Worms a few times. I can't help but wonder what amazing ideas were discarded in an attempt to perfect this one popular franchise.

To Team 17's credit, Worms Revolution brings a lot of new ideas to the table. With the exception of the ill-advised 3D installments, this is the most progress I've seen in a Worms game since 1999's Armageddon. Here we are given more realistic physics, class-based soldiers, exciting weapons, a new graphics engine and lots of water. The good news is that a lot of these new concepts work to add freshness to the aging franchise. Unfortunately, some of the changes makes this version of Worms a lot less playable.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Worms Revolutions Extreme is a lot like any Worms game, in that you take a team of four elongated soft-bodied invertebrate animals into a turn-based battle to the death. Although everything is presented using polygons, this sequel is played entirely from a 2D perspective. Each side takes turns moving their worm soldier and firing one of the dozens of unique weapons. On top of grenades, bazookas, shotguns and homing missiles, players are also able to teleport, fly using a rocket pack and swing on the ninja rope. Your job is to be the last worm standing.

Worms Revolution Extreme (PS Vita)

Although the core fundamentals remain the same, Team 17 has made some smart changes. For starters, players can now customize their team with several different types of worms. These unique classes include the slow moving, yet powerful Heavy, the health-giving Scientist, the fast moving scout and, of course, your normal all-around worm. I can see how these characters can really change the strategies at play, since some characters can fire stronger bullets and others can sneak in small areas.

Another big change involves the addition of water. Liquid has always been part of the series in one way or another, but here you can use it to flush your enemies off the map. Some levels will feature pockets of water (or, in some cases, water bottles), which send a flood of liquids onto the playfield. If your worm is submerged, he will begin to run out of oxygen and eventually drown. The water can also work as a way to move characters across the level, or better yet, to their death.
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