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Dokuro Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Dokuro is the unconventional love story between a schlubby skeleton and a beautiful princess that doesn't know he exists. But that isn't going to keep our hero from helping the troubled maiden escape the harrowing castle. With 150 challenging stages, Dokuro is an epic adventure every PS Vita owner should undertake! Rating: 85%
Dokuro Dokuro Dokuro Dokuro
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Dokuro is not your typical fairy tale hero. He's not some knight in shining armor or a smooth-talking lady's man; he's just a schlubby skeleton who has the misfortune of working for the great and powerful Dark Lord. Little does he know, but his life will change forever when he decides to free an enchanting princess and help her escape the creepy castle. And so begins the year's most unconventional love story.

Freeing the princess was the easy part; after all, Dokuro had the key. What he wasn't anticipating was the young woman's careless ways. She barrels forward with reckless abandon, automatically moving forward until she reaches an obstacle she cannot cross. Dokuro will need to work overtime to move objects, defeat enemies and clear the path for the princess, allowing her to get from point A to B. Tragically, Dokuro is invisible to the fairest maiden in the land. No matter how hard he works, she doesn't seem to notice.

Dokuro (PS Vita)

But Dokuro has a plan for that. Earlier that day, he caught wind of a special potion that can turn anybody into the type of manly hero no princess could resist. It's genius! There's just one problem: Our hero can only remain as the Prince Charming-like character for a short amount of time. After the potion runs out he gets transformed back into the short, forgettable skeleton he's always been.

The potion conundrum can wait, because first and foremost we need to make sure the princess is able to make it out of the treacherous castle alive. Through 150 stages, Dokuro will solve puzzles to help the young lady make it through the castle. This will involve switching between your two personas, drawing with chalk, battling bad guys and even taking on the occasional boss.

Dokuro (PS Vita)

As a skeleton, Dokuro is able to double jump and knock enemies around with a spare bone. As the brave knight, his jumping is limited. However, this stronger persona is able to pick up the princess and use a sword to cut foes into tiny pieces. The good news is that he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Dokuro harnesses the power of chalk, allowing him to draw objects on the screen to complete puzzles. There's also red chalk, which allows you to draw a fuse from fire to explosive objects.

The princess has a one-track mind, which usually involves walking forward. To good news is that she won't fall into spikes or down a bottomless pit. She'll simply stop and wait whenever she gets to an object she can't move or stairs she is unable to climb. Usually you'll need to move boxes, rearrange platforms and trigger elevators to get her across, though sometimes the Prince Charming persona will need to carry her to safety.
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