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Zombie Driver HD Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Zombie Driver HD plays out like a cross between Grand Theft Auto 2 and Choplifter. Players race around the city picking up survivors and avoiding the zombie hordes. It's a fun game with a surprising amount of content for ten dollars. On the other hand, the missions become a bit tedious by the end. Zombie Driver HD is worth a look! Rating: 64%
Zombie Driver HD
Zombie Driver HD Zombie Driver HD Zombie Driver HD Zombie Driver HD
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Contrary to what the name implies, Zombie Driver HD is not a racing game starring a daredevil zombie behind the wheel. Instead it's a game about a guy who drives from place to place picking up people during a zombie outbreak. Sure, I guess that make more sense. But seriously, how much cooler would it have been to see a zombie kart racer?

If you have to ask why there are zombies roaming the streets, then it's because you haven't played a video game recently. This is yet another game where the protagonist kills countless rotting dead corpses who, thanks to an explosion at the chemical factory, have started walking around feeding on brains. The good news is that Zombie Driver tackles this all too familiar set-up in a fresh way.

Zombie Driver HD (XBLA)

At first glance, Zombie Driver looks a whole lot like Grand Theft Auto 2. It's a top-down open world experience, not unlike Rockstar's controversial action game. That's where the similarities end. In this game, the player always stays in their car and there are never moments of grand theft auto. In fact, this Xbox Live Arcade game is more akin to a game like Carmageddon or Twisted Metal.

Don't worry; your vehicle is heavily armed. Each of the game's numerous vehicles can shoot a variety of explosive weapons. Around the city you'll find weapon drops that include automatic guns, a flame thrower, missile launcher, rail gun and more. But don't get too comfortable, because it's easy to run out of weapons. Even after purchasing weapon upgrades, you'll still have to stay cautious of your ammo.

With few exceptions, your goal in each stage is to drive through the hordes of zombies in order to rescue the few survivors still clinging on to life. Usually you'll need to clear the area of zombies first, which may include destroying a nest. Sometimes there will be more survivors than your little car can hold, so you'll need to make multiple trips through the walking dead.

Zombie Driver HD (XBLA)

Not all missions play out like this. Occasionally you'll commandeer a tank and tackle a boss fight. One stage you'll drive around in a fire truck making sure the entire city doesn't burn down. Yet another mission involves you driving a large bulldozer and clearing debris from the main roads. Sadly, this type of variety is rare. Usually you're saving people, which can become a bit tedious as you play through the lengthy story mode.

To the developer's credit, they did find new and unique ways of saving people. Some stages are set at night, limiting your vision to whatever is in the view of your headlights. Not only does this make for some incredible lighting effects, but it also makes battling hordes of zombies insanely tough. This, and other quirks, help make the repetitive missions a little easier to swallow.
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