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Happy Wars Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Happy Wars is a simple multiplayer action game for the Xbox Live Arcade. While it is rife with problems, it's also a free game that is worth checking out. You won't find anything original here, but the fast-paced action is both chaotic and addictive. Sadly, the game isn't deep enough to keep my interest for very long. Download Happy Wars and see for yourself! Rating: 64%
Happy Wars
Happy Wars Happy Wars Happy Wars Happy Wars
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In the world of the Xbox 360, free games are rare. While the competition courts their fans with access to big games from both first and third party publishers, Microsoft has taken a different approach. In the past they've dabbled in game shows (1 vs. 100) and card games (Texas Hold'em), but these days most of the free Xbox Live Arcade releases seem to be ill-conceived advertisements for Doritos or Yaris.

Happy Wars marks a new leaf for the Xbox Live Gold service. While it's not the same as getting Infamous 2 or Borderlands, this free-to-play online multiplayer game is certainly a step in the right direction. What it lacks in originality and depth it more than makes up for with an endearing style and fast-paced action. It's the kind of game that may not hold your attention for long, but you won't regret keeping it on your hard drive.

Happy Wars (XBLA)

There's a ridiculous story involving two sides who constantly get into asinine arguments. These fights inevitably spiral into an all-out war, where both sides draw swords, conjure magic and do everything in their power to take over the other team's base. Thankfully nobody gets hurt in these wars, leaving them to fight again over yet another pointless topic. It's a lot like real war ... only without all of the depressing deaths.

Players get to choose between three classes -- a warrior, cleric and mage. As you can imagine, each of these occupations have their own abilities and attributes. The warrior, for example, is best for brute strength tactics. The moves mostly revolve around close-quarters fighting. On the other hand, there's the mage, who uses magic to throw spells and summon hurricanes. This class is good at long-range combat, but is vulnerable up close. Somewhere in between is the cleric, who can be used to erect ladders and other useful objects.

Every match plays out in largely the same way. Everybody starts out at level one, but with a few kills, your character will quickly gain levels and start to unlock new abilities and a larger health bar. The idea is to capture several checkpoints across the map, that way players will respawn closer to the opposing base. From there you're only one battle away from storming the enemy castle and becoming the victors. If you aren't successful at capturing the other team's base, then a winner will be decided at the end of fifteen minutes.

Happy Wars (XBLA)

Regardless of whether they win or lose, players will accumulate points for each battle they fought in. Leveling up allows the character to wield more powerful weapons and wear better armor. To keep things fair, players start each war at level one. This means that everybody has to kill and capture checkpoints in order to unlock abilities, allowing for a somewhat balanced fight. But don't fret, because players can bring in their high-leveled gear to give them an advantage.

Sadly, the combat is only slightly deeper than your typical button-mashing brawler. Each character has his or her standard attack, along with a whole host of skill moves. These powerful moves can be mapped to the "A" and "B" buttons, allowing for players to quickly transition into a spin attack or freeze somebody in their tracks. As more abilities are unlocked, players will be able to cycle through at a moment's notice. Though, the act of selecting what skill moves you want takes a little getting used to.
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